2013: An Awesome Year for Animals!

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Posted December 31, 2013 by Nina Kahn

Well, folks, here we are! It’s New Year’s Eve once again. It’s been a pretty fab year overall, don’t you think? It’s also been a year full of really exciting victories for animals—all thanks to you awesome peeps out there who NEVER stop speaking up for animals in need. 

Check out some of the most inspiring victories for animals in 2013 that will make you proud to be an animal advocate:

1. United Airlines banned the shipping of primates.

In January, United Airlines let us know that it has banned shipping primates to their deaths in laboratories—meaning that there is no longer a SINGLE airline based in North America that is willing to transport primates to their deaths in cruel experiments!

2. Angel’s Gate was permanently SHUT DOWN.

Angel’s Gate, Inc., was a horrifying animal-hoarding warehouse in New York state that posed as a “hospice and rehabilitation center” for animals—and PETA helped to make sure that this hellhole was shut down for GOOD by producing evidence that it had persistently failed to comply with reporting laws for nonprofits!

3. The EU banned cosmetics that are tested on animals.

Woo-hoo! In March of this year, the European Union officially BANNED the sale of cosmetics that are tested on animals! This compassionate act will save thousands of animals from cruel experiments. It’s super-easy to buy products that haven’t been tested on animals—order a free Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide today!

peta2 cruelty-free shopping guide

 4. Travelzoo stopped promoting Ringling Bros. cruelty.

After hearing from peta2 Street Teamers who were seriously pissed about the fact that Ringling Bros. circus beats, chains, and electroshocks elephants, the online deal site Travelzoo pulled ALL promotions for the circus and told PETA that it won’t be advertising for Ringling again. Awesome!

ringling stretched

 5. WUSTL stopped torturing cats in experiments.

After a five-year PETA campaign, Washington University in St. Louis finally announced that it would stop abusing cats for cruel intubation training exercises! The school was flooded with phone calls and more than 75,000 e-mails in behalf of the cats from supporters like YOU.

WUSTL victory pic

6. Connecticut said NO to dissection.

In June, Connecticut passed a dissection-choice law that allows students to say NO to dissection and instead be provided with a humane alternative lesson. You can say NO to dissections next year, too!

Connecticut cuts out dissection.

7. Hundreds of chimpanzees got their freedom.

The National Institutes of Health announced that it would cut funding for most invasive experiments on chimpanzees and send at least 310 of the 360 federally owned chimpanzees imprisoned in laboratories to sanctuaries instead! Now, they can live out their lives in peace instead of being tortured behind bars in barbaric and painful experiments.


8. California breeders were slammed with 223 felony charges.

In 2012, PETA went undercover to investigate the awful hellhole called Global Captive Breeders, LLC (GCB), and revealed its appalling abuse and neglect of nearly 16,000 rats and 600 reptiles. This year, both GCB’s owner and former manager were arrested and charged with a total of 223 felony cruelty-to-animals charges. Do your part by NEVER buying animals from pet stores or breeders and always adopting instead!

9. Cherokee bears were finally freed.

After having been imprisoned in concrete pits at a roadside zoo in Cherokee, North Carolina, 11 bears were sent to a beautiful new home at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Dallas! The awful bear pit is now closed, and these bears can finally enjoy peace and freedom.

10. Los Angeles banned the use of bullhooks in circuses.

In October, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban the cruel use of bullhooks! Once the ban is phased in, Ringling Bros. and other circuses that abuse elephants will no longer be allowed to bring their cruel shows to Los Angeles. Great news!

bullhook circus ban

11. The Smithsonian ditched its awful live-animal lesson plan.

After more than a year of discussions with PETA, the Smithsonian Institution’s Science Education Center officially said goodbye to its cruel lesson plan that asked teachers to use live frogs, fiddler crabs, and millipedes in order to teach students about animal behavior. Thanks to everyone who spoke up to let the Smithsonian know that animals DON’T belong in the classroom!

Africal dwarf frog

12. Elephants at the Toronto Zoo found freedom.

Three elephants from the Toronto Zoo arrived at their new home—the gorgeous Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in sunny California! They’ve traded their cramped zoo paddock for a true elephant paradise, thanks in part to the awesome Street Teamers who spoke up!

Cute elephants in Africa

13. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger banned angora.

In December, after watching PETA Asia’s undercover exposé and finding out the truth about how angora fur is produced (bunnies have their fur ripped out of their sensitive skin while they scream in agony), PVH Corp.—the parent company of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and other retailers—has confirmed that it’s pulling angora OFF its shelves and banning any products made from it! Other popular brands such as H&M have also ceased the production of angora products after seeing PETA Asia’s investigation footage. Way to go!

bunny pic 1 copy


This is just a small sample of some of the fantastic victories that PETA and animal advocates everywhere achieved in 2013, and we’re that much closer to winning the fight for animal rights! And listen up, ’cause I’m about to tell you something pretty important:

YOU have the power to help make 2014 an even better year for animals.

Whether it’s by going vegan, only buying cruelty-free products, or pledging to ditch circuses for life, you can make a difference for animals every single day by making animal-friendly choices. By joining the peta2 Street Team, you can be a part of victories like the ones above and know that YOU gave animals a voice in 2014.

Ready? Set? Let’s make 2014 the BEST year for animals that we can!

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