URGENT: Hundreds of Cats Suffering in South Carolina

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Posted September 29, 2010 by Ray Harkins

In July, PETA was notified of Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (SVAS), an animal “rescue” located near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Reports indicate that as many as 300 cats and several dogs at this facility are regularly deprived of veterinary care and kept in two filthy, severely crowded storage units that are disease-ridden and that reek of ammonia from the animals’ accumulated waste. Cats at SVAS are stacked on top of one another in tiny wire crates and have no room to stretch or walk around—let alone exercise. Weeks’ worth of evidence makes it clear that SVAS operator Elizabeth Owen does not keep up with cleaning tasks. Litterboxes and cages at the facility regularly overflow with feces and contaminated food. Many of the animals at SVAS suffer from a wide array of debilitating, painful illnesses and dangerous parasites.

Several cats have advanced infections that severely limit the animals’ ability to eat, breathe, and/or see. Sick cats are caged with or next to uninfected cats and allowed to roam freely through the premises, further spreading contagious diseases and what is already a severe flea infestation that’s been allowed to worsen. According to SVAS’ own website, some of these animals have been constantly caged for their entire lives.

While county officials delay, animals continue to suffer. Citations were issued, and even though county officials later told PETA that Owen was found guilty on these charges, court records indicate that the case was dismissed! A jury trial is now pending on more recent charges.

Please contact Horry County officials and let them know that there is no justification for any further delays—the animals at SVAS have suffered long enough. Urge officials to do the right thing—ask them to remove all animals from SVAS’ custody without delay and to prosecute the parties responsible for the animals’ suffering.

Stay loud!



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