5 Questions with Teen Rock Band Cherri Bomb

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Posted October 15, 2010 by peta2 staff

I was recently introduced to the coolest new band about to break into the rock ‘n roll scene, the explosive all girl teen rockers, Cherri Bomb. Not only are these chicks young, hot, and rockin’, but they’re also all vegetarian and looking to do whatever they can to help animals.

First, check out our Q&A with Julia, Miranda, Nia, and Rena. Then, head to their Facebook page to check out their songs and videos, and watch out for these girls. They’ve been on the road opening shows for Smashing Pumpkins, and they’re on their way to world domination!

Photo credit: Kristin Burns

What prompted you to become vegetarian? Were there any bands, books, etc. that influenced your decision?

Nia: What really influenced me was my love for animals, and when I was a little girl I was watching That’s So Raven and one of the characters was a vegetarian, and I thought it was an incredible choice and decided to try the journey myself.

Artists that inspire us are: Alanis Morissette, Anthony Kiedis, Natalie Portman, Albert Einstein, The Beatles/Paul McCartney.

What are some of your favorite vegetarian and/or vegan foods?

Nia: I love salad, mushrooms, onions, artichokes and broccoli! [I also love] fakin’ bacon, and Morningstar fake chicken nuggets!

Julia: Some of my favorites are spinach and Boca burgers with soy cheese and Gardein protein meals (they have fake barbecue chicken that’s awesome!), and salad and dried seaweed for a good healthy snack!

Rena: Morningstar chicken nuggets are the best! I can eat edamame, mushrooms, and spinach all day!

Of all of the major animal rights issues (animal testing, factory farming, animals used in entertainment, dog fighting, etc.) are there any issues that are particularly close to your heart?

Miranda: Animal testing and [factory] farming are on the top of my concerns. We need to get the humane side of things in the forefront, and leave these abusive rituals in the past.

Rena: Animal testing and animal abuse. I hate stories of animals being mistreated by their owners or trainers. Most trainers are animal lovers, but there are those tragic stories [that] make your heart burn…

Nia: Anything dealing with animal mistreatment. Animals are perfect beings, and anyone who mistreats them is showing how little love they have for themselves. As I grow, I would like to help out organizations who really reach out to help these animals, and stop the abuse. I would love to volunteer at a shelter, but so far I’m not old enough to do that yet. I’m counting the days till I can.

Rena: Me too. We visit animal shelters all the time. Just to give some love to the animals they have there waiting for new owners, and we’ve always adopted animals from shelters. They need smooch love!

Julia: Animal abuse. The thought that people can hurt such innocent creatures makes me crazy. We would love to do a charity to raise money to help organizations who find and save animals in treacherous situations. Truly.

If a fan were to approach you with questions about how to get involved with animal rights, what advice would you give him or her?

All girls: Go online, join groups, ask questions, there’s no one place that’s meant for everyone, but reach out and join a community where you feel welcomed and that you feel are making a difference with animal rights. Be the change you wish to see in the world. That’s what we follow. Ghandhi said that.

What does Cherri Bomb have coming up that we can look forward to?

We are getting ready to go into the studio to write and record our debut album! Look for us coming to a city near you in 2011!!



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