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Posted March 29, 2010 by Ray Harkins

Buried Inside is everything I love about a band: heavy, intelligent and animal friendly. These Canadians have released a few records through our good friends at Relapse Records, and if you are a fan of Converge or Isis, then you will want to check this band out immediately. We recently sat down with Buried Inside and discussed some important issues, and below is our conversation.

Photo Credit: Shawn Scallen Courtesy of Relapse Records

Answered by Nick Von Shaw (Vocals), Andrew Tweedy (guitar/vocals), and Stephen Martin (bass/vocals).
What prompted you to become vegetarian? Were there any bands, books, etc. that influenced your decision?
Andrew Tweedy: I don’t think there was any one event in my life that made a sudden impact on me. Getting involved in Punk and hardcore as a teenager and being exposed to what was being done in the factory farms and the consequences on both the animals and the environment. The more I became aware of these things, the more I read up on them and asked questions, and it just snow-balled from there.
Stephen Martin: Simply learning about the way most food our population eats is produced – specifically corporate factory farming, finding out about the way animals are treated, the impact on the environment, and most importantly caring about these things. There’s always been a lot of activism in Ottawa (being the capital) especially in the punk rock scene and access to information like that -in the early/mid 90s- was not hard to find.
Nick Von Shaw: At this point, I can’t even really remember something as specific as that. My parents were vegetarians when I was born and I was brought up in a more vegetarian-friendly environment. I did buy copies of Animal Liberation and Diet for a New America but a huge factor was just as simple as finding it unappetizing. Adopting a vegan diet was different, that took being steeped in 90s hardcore.
What are some of your favorite vegetarian foods?
Stephen Martin: Pasta is an obvious one, with so many varieties and options, I love thai food (curry etc.), burritos too.
Nick Von Shaw: I would like to believe I’m like a Rastafarian Garfield: jerk tofu and plantains or pasta.
Of all of the major animal rights issues (factory farming, dog fighting, animal testing, the fur industry, animals in entertainment, etc.) are there any issues that are particularly close to your heart?
Andrew Tweedy: I wouldn’t say that any are more important than others, but the animal testing issue is the first thing I was ever exposed to as a kid. When I was in grade school, my fifth grade science teacher brought in a movie for us to watch that I have never forgotten. It was a video exposing a major corporation for their abuse and testing on animals. I think about it a lot now; at the time I never realized that she probably risked being fired for showing us that video, but it was obviously something that meant a lot to her. At the time, I really had no idea these things were going on. I was obviously really shocked as the video was very graphic. Afterward, she handed out a pamphlet listing companies that test on animals, and I immediately stopped using those products, as did most of the class. That would be the first sort of step I took towards my current lifestyle.
Stephen Martin: I would have to say the factory farming of hogs. I was very involved from 2002- 2005 with groups – from local to American based – specifically dealing with this issue. The main aspect I feel should be dealt with is the constant ingestion of anti-biotics that’s forced into “healthy” animals. Aside from the issue of anti-biotic resistance, doing this allows production with overcrowding, and other filthy conditions to exist.
If a fan were to approach you with questions about how to get involved with animal rights, what advice would you give him or her?
Andrew Tweedy: Probably just to read up on the issues. Get the facts. Don’t believe everything you hear (on either side of the fence). The book Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman was an enormous eye-opener for me, and I read that after having been vegan for years. I think it’s most effective because it’s from the point of view of a dairy farmer. Most importantly for people just getting into activism, in my opinion, is to not preach. Don’t take the ‘holier than thou’ approach. The most important thing to me is to get more people involved and aware. It’s such a fragile topic that the slightest hint of negativity can be a turn-off for a lot of people. People generally don’t want to be made to feel guilty.
Nick Von Shaw: Avoid sloganeering, be mindful of your own feelings and the breadth of resources.
What does Buried Inside have coming up that we can be looking forward to?
Andrew /Stephen / Nick: We just wrapped up a European tour in support of our last record. We have a special, limited edition version of our 2005 record Chronoclast coming out as we speak and we’ll do some special shows around its release in Eastern Canada. Then we’ll likely start writing some new material.
Readers, this band has toured everywhere. Tell me the most exotic location you have been while eating vegan?
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  • 1928 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    i’ve eaten vegan in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic thanks to the gracious promoters of a Hero Dishonest/Fourth Rotor tour i was on. Poland and Czech have some pretty good vegan pates/spreads, and Tartex and Chocoreale are the bomb in Germany.

  • PG

    1941 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I have travelled to the Canadian arctic five times and maintained a vegan diet. If you can do it there, you can do it anywhere.

  • 1946 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I live in the UK but I stayed vegan on my trip to Switzerland last year.

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