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Posted August 7, 2013 by peta2 staff

You can’t avoid it forever. Summer vacation has been great, but it’s time to part ways. Goodbye, beach days. Hello, new locker combination. Going back to school may seem overwhelming, but don’t panic: We’ll get through this together!


Step 1: Eat Up

When the bell finally rings for lunch, the last thing you need is to get to the cafeteria ready to chow down and discover there are no tasty veggie options. WTF?!

  • Get a veggie burger at your school! It’s super-easy, peta2 will help, and you’ll get a free T-shirt out of it. It’s kind of a no-brainer.
  • Until the aforementioned veggie burger makes its way to your school, plan ahead and pack your lunch. Try any of these yummy vegan recipes guaranteed to make even meat-eaters ask for a bite.
PETA no meat lunch bag

NOMNOM Lunch Bag

peta water bottles

Stay hydrated with an “All Hearts Be Free” Water Bottle.

Step 2: Be Totes Prepared

There’s no easy way to lug around the insane number of books and notebooks needed to get through your school day. You can at least do it in style, though, which is a minor victory not to be taken lightly.

mission statement tote

PETA Mission Statement Tote

peta infinity tote bag

Vegan Infinity Tote

Step 3: Dress for Success

How you dress says a lot about who you are—what sports team you root for, your favorite bands, your love of cats (I can’t be the only one with cat T-shirts!). Your wardrobe is your way to express what matters to you. Show your friends that what matters to you is peta2. When you buy a new shirt or a cute necklace from peta2, you’ll also be contributing money to the lifesaving work we do for animals. Win-win!


Free for all!

peta2 animal rights rat and pigs and dogs and cows shirt

Show love for all animals with the Rats and Pigs Tee.

peta2 love all animals crop top

Let your fashionista shine in this peta2 Heart Crop Top.

Step 4: Start off on the right foot!

Kick off the new school year with cruelty-free, vegan footwear. You wouldn’t wear a nasty fur coat, right? Wearing leather, suede, or other animal skin on your feet is no different. Take our pledge to ditch leather, and check out these awesome vegan alternatives.

peta2 macbeth gatsby shoes

peta2 and Macbeth leather-free “Gatsby” shoes

lulus tan military boot

Vegan boots and oxfords

Check out more cruelty-free fashions in the peta2 Summer Lookbook!

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