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Posted February 15, 2012 by peta2 staff

In our latest series of updates from the road, our good friend Dave Melillo will be checking in with peta2 throughout the End of the World Tour with We The Kings and Mayday Parade. Check out his first blog and stay tuned for more updates to come!

Hey there,

My name is Dave, and I’m playing guitar for Anarbor on the End of the World Tour that’s kicking ass everywhere in America as we speak.

Being part of a new group, I must adjust to new cultures and customs, or at the very least, I must do my very best not to rock the boat … or in this case, the van.

What I’m getting at is, I’m a vegetarian among carnivores—a common situation that I’ve been in most of my life and something that truly doesn’t bother me. Don’t get me wrong: It takes creativity and patience to order a Mexican pizza with no meat at Taco Bell, but we all make sacrifices these days. As a vegetarian, I live off packaged nuts, Subway, and various other rabbit food while touring—all of which can be found in copious amounts throughout America. My challenge is to find a way to take advantage of the times when the rest of the group “splurges” at the steakhouse while still eating enough to feel like a man.

The first leg of this tour has taken us through the Midwest, famous for BBQ, ribs, BBQ ribs, BBQ, BBQ, and so on. Naturally, I went to several BBQ restaurants with my new team and got creative—mac and cheese with a healthy helping of jalapeños, plenty of cornbread, collard greens, and sweet-potato pie. Now mind you, I said “creative” and not “healthy” … I’m hoping as we move west that I have a chance to switch from a soul-food diet to a food-for-my-soul diet.

Little Rock, Arkansas, was surprisingly vegetarian, to say the least. The tour made our stop at the Revolution Room tonight, and I had some time to scour an overtly nonvegetarian city to find something sustainable for my type. My handy dandy iPhone told me to travel a block up from the venue to a place called 4square Cafe, which had pre-made and made-to-order vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, etc. I went with the Greek option and enjoyed that as my inner fat kid looked up the next adventure.

In between load-in and the set, I paid a wonderful woman named Tabitha to drive me around Little Rock in search of the Green Cuisine truck that was supposed to be parked on Chester and Sixth. I had no luck finding the Green Cuisine truck, but I hear it’s the standard for Mexican-inspired vegetarian food here in Downtown Little Rock. Alas, I took some photos and went to work.

The tour is headed west: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Los Angeles, and up the West Coast. I’ll keep in touch if you don’t mind. Not in a stalker way or anything like that. But yeah. Talk to you soon!

The mild sauce, mac n cheese, fork = Baby Back Blues, Chicago

St. Louis

Little Rock River Front

Little Rock River Market






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