Animal Bullies Stand Aside: 10-year-old Saves Cat

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Posted March 26, 2013 by peta2 staff

Bullying is horrible, and it doesn’t only happen to humans—animals are being bullied, too. That’s why we need to be louder and more fearless than ever when it comes to speaking up for animals!

We could all learn a thing or two about finding our voice for animals from 10-year-old Wendell OvertonHe took a stand against bullying when he saw a group of boys torturing a cat named Jackson. He rescued Jackson and took him home to his mother, who called the local animal shelter. Thanks to Wendell’s courage, Jackson is doing great and will be available for adoption soon! And Wendell will receive a Compassionate Kid Award from PETA Kids for being a total hero for animals! 🙂

Check out how Jackson is doing:

Rescued cat from bullies

“Thanks Wendell!”

Guess what! YOU can also speak out against bullying! Print our poster asking people to report cruelty to animals when they see it, and post it in your locker or hand them out to your friends. And remember: Never, ever be silent!

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  • Profile photo of brittyashlee

    1209 days ago

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    Yay Wendell!!!!!

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    1249 days ago

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    Superawesome Wendell! Thank you for your courage!

  • Profile photo of KelseyValois

    1250 days ago

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    Yeah awesome kid!

  • Profile photo of hakred

    1251 days ago

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    We need more kids like Wendell! A job well done. I hope that Jackson is given a great home. 🙂

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