Update: Jerry the Horse Revealed Dead After Cover-Up

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Posted August 28, 2013 by Sara Wirth

(WARNING: These photos are disturbing.)

UPDATE: After a public outcry, the carriage company released a photo of a healthy horse and stated that Jerry was once again standing on his own and on the road to recovery—only to admit later that the photo was of a different horse. After changing its story several times, the carriage company finally admitted that Jerry had died. Continue reading for the original story and what you can do to help.

Original post: Like all horses forced to pull carriages, Jerry, who is forced to work on the streets of Salt Lake City, has to endure ALL weather extremes—from scorching-hot summers to bitter-cold winters. He is forced to haul tourists through busy, congested downtown streets, inhaling fumes and competing for road space with honking cars.

Earlier this month, while pulling a carriage full of tourists, he apparently succumbed to the 98-degree heat and collapsed. The heat radiating off the black asphalt on which he fell would have been much, much hotter than 98 degrees.

Jerry-horse-collapse1Jerry was too weak to stand, so his handlers tied ropes around his body and dragged him into a trailer.

Jerry-horse-pulledThey drove him to the stable, but he was still too weak to stand, so his handlers put straps around his limp body and hoisted him into the barn with a forklift.

peta2 salt lake city horse carriage collapse

Jerry’s owners said that he collapsed because he suffers from colic, but we suspect heat exhaustion. Colic can be brought on or provoked by heat, dehydration, and stress—three factors that pretty much define daily life for horses who are forced to pull carriages.

peta2 salt lake city horse carriage collapse


Jerry’s death might not be in vain. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and the city council are now examining whether horse-drawn carriages should be banned in the city. Local residents are also holding a vigil for Jerry this evening. Please take a moment to email the City Council or leave them a message at 801-535-7600 and let them know that you support a ban, especially if you live in the city. Please be sure to keep all comments polite and respectful.

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  • 1092 days ago

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    Hoje o mundo é mal, perverso. Matam seus irmãos sem a menor piedade. Exploram seus animais até que se extraia a última gosta de lucro, mesmo que seja através de sua vida. Mundo cruel.

  • 1093 days ago

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  • 1093 days ago

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    they shud definitly be banned! we have them here in malta and its ridiculous how they have to pull tourists around in this heat! its cruel! with no water and no shade just standing and waiting for ppl to come for a ride whilst his owner makes money! IT shud be banned Everywhere!

  • Profile photo of hakred

    1097 days ago

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    This is so sad. 🙁

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