Linkin Park + Stone Temple Pilots = Awesome

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Posted May 20, 2013 by Diana Mendoza

sleepy cute dogHow’s your Monday treating you so far? A little rough after a fun weekend volunteering at the animal shelter? All tuckered out from leafleting? Maybe you had an epic two days of turning your friends and fam vegan?

Whatever the case, if you need a little pick-me-up today, have we got some news for you!

peta2 fave Chester Bennington (ya know, the frontman of a little band called Linkin Park) teamed up with rockers Stone Temple Pilots at a festival show in SoCal this weekend, and they already released a new track! There’s even talk of a tour!

Chester Bennington

At peta2, we love our music loud, awesome, and filled with compassion, so you know that we’re rockin’ out to the new track, “Out of Time,” today! They’re currently offering it as a free download and you can give it a listen below.

But first! Head over to Chester’s page, and watch his video interview with peta2. Because he’s so articulate and an obvious animal lover, you can easily see why we the singer for more than his badass songs!

Want to know who else is helping animals? Check out peta2’s Heroes page!

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