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Posted April 27, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

Leather is disgusting. Whether it’s on your shoes, your jacket, or your handbag, having the skin of a tortured animal on you is pretty demented. Have you seen Silence of the Lambs or Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yeah, only psychopaths think that skin is fashionable. Like, psychopaths that sleep with their mothers and eat their own feces.
That being said, it’s always great to see companies who don’t use any skin on their products. One such company who is especially unique is Harvey’s, the makers of original seat belt bag. Harvey’s was started by a husband and wife of the same name. The story goes that Dana and Melanie Harvey had the idea to make the first seatbelt bag while installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick. Since then, they’ve expanded from their garage to a 12,000 square-foot design studio in Santa Ana, California.
Being the wonderful people that they are, Harvey’s has given us one of their Jr. Messenger Bags to give away, under one condition: that the person who wins must do something for animals to earn it.

Who said being compassionate doesn’t pay off, huh? So, in order to win this fine seatbelt bag, you’ll have to do some convincing. Comment this entry and tell us why you should get this lovely cruelty-free Harvey’s bag. For example, show me a photo of what you did with the peta2 stickers we sent you, tell me a story about how you convinced your best friend to stop buying products that are tested on animals, or post a link to a video on YouTube of you and your rescued puppy or kitten (who doesn’t love a cute puppy or kitten). No matter if we pick you as the winner or not, check out to see all of the bags that Harvey’s has to offer.
Elsewhere in the world, Chicago voted 49-0 to ban foie gras earlier this week. (If you have no idea what foie gras is, go here.) This is really really huge. Hopefully in our lifetime we will see foie gras banned all together.

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  • 3569 days ago

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    I would really like to replace my best friends bag with this one, please see my website.

  • 3572 days ago

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    I just want to say when I watched the video you made… I CRYED SO MUCH AND I TOTALLY AGREE!! I am still crying and that is SOOOOOOo mean what they do and I wish I would buy all of the hurting, dieing, and all of the animals that are being mistreated in the world! i hope you can do something!

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