A Nightmare for Dolphins

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Posted January 29, 2014 by Nina Kahn

 Dolphins are highly intelligent, sensitive animals—and they’re being captured and killed by the hundreds.

If you’ve seen The Cove, then you know about Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter—an awful practice that has sparked international outrage. Although Japan claims the killing is a “tradition,” this horrifying event began only in 1969, when people started showing an interest in paying top dollar for dolphins they could keep in captivity and use for “entertainment.” And now, it’s happened again.

dolphin slaughter©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

About 500 dolphins were driven into the infamous cove in Taiji, Japan, for this year’s dolphin slaughter. This time, fishers placed tarps over much of the cove to hide their gruesome activities and to keep cameras from being able to capture photos and video of them as they sorted out which dolphins would be stolen from their homes and sold to marine-mammal parks and which would be slaughtered for meat. We can’t be sure how many dolphins were captured, killed, or released (if any were let go), but what we can be sure of is this:

No animal deserves to suffer, and the dolphin slaughter needs to stop.

If the demand for marine parks and swim-with-dolphins programs ends, then fewer dolphins will be captured or killed. Please, never visit SeaWorld or any other place that uses marine mammals for entertainment and keeps them in captivity. And next time you have a movie night with your friends, show them Blackfish or The Cove to help them understand why we ALL need to speak up for animals!

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  • 733 days ago

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    I love people like you. You are the best. You are very good people. I love you!! :-* <3

  • Profile photo of kanchiccan6

    740 days ago

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    Dolphins are highly intelligent, they do not deserve to chlorine waters they enjoy the company of others. Dolphins die at such young ages in Sea World when they can live for years and years… They are tortured and beat if they do not do a trick correctly. They are payed for entertainment too. Please help Dolphins, they need your help! Thank you.

  • 741 days ago

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    For months now, animal rights groups are in TAIJI to document the atrocity of this yearly massacre of dolphins for human consumption but above all for PROFIT of the people of TAIJI. The cruelty, sadism and torturous manner in which these sentients are made to suffer is morally abhorrent to any human. It is completely heartless to separate a calf from his mother when we know by now how much despair this brings to the mother. We know by now how dolphins relate to each other,,how they never abandon anyone in their family when they see them hurt, we know by now how they stay together to protect their young..and yet Japanese fishermen continues to capture and slaughter them. It is time to stop this cruelty. It is time we tell JAPAN to respect life….to look itself in the face and accept that this practice is INHUMANE.

    • Profile photo of kanchiccan6

      740 days ago

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      I love how you respect the love of dolphins. You are respectful!!

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