Fish Fight Back

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Posted July 28, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Each year more than 17 billion fish are killed for food. Just like the dogs and cats many of us share our homes with, fish are highly social animals and don’t want to be suffocated and cut open while they’re still fully conscious. This story out of Panama suggests that the tide may be turning:
The Schultz family – Bob, his son Stephen, and 20-year old daugher Allison – were on a fishing trip off the coast of Panama. Bob had taken his children to Panama for some quality time away from the demands of telephones and every day life before his son went away to college.
Stephen had hooked a Black Marlin when the boat was about 30 miles off shore. Estimated at 600 pounds, the fish leapt out of the water and crashed into the stern of the boat, landing right on the young angler.
Mates quickly cut the thrashing fish loose and all attention turned to Stephen, now lying on the deck and bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth.

Say it with me now, “fishing hurts!”

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