5 Fur Facts That Will Break Your Heart

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Posted December 13, 2013 by Whitney Calk

You are an animal on a fur farm, and this is your life:

You wake up in a cage. You want to stretch, but you can’t because there’s no room to move more than a few steps in any direction. You’re sick and scared, your feet are bloodied from the thin wire flooring, and you don’t know what you did to deserve this life.

After months or even years of this life, your cage opens and someone grabs you. Your life will be ending soon. You might be skinned alive. You might be genitally or anally electrocuted. You might even be hanged and bled to death. Regardless, you will die, and it will be excruciating.

This will, of course, never really be YOUR life … but it is theirs.

animals killed for fur collage

Whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or one who was trapped in the wild, every fur coat, trinket, and bit of trim caused an animal tremendous suffering—and took away a life.

Here are five facts that will change your mind about fur:

  • Eighty-five percent of the fur industry‘s skins come from animals on fur factory farms who are crammed into severely crowded, filthy wire cages and later often skinned alive.
  • Electrocuting animals anally and genitally is an agonizing slaughter method used frequently to limit damage to fur. New York is the only state in which this inhumane method is illegal.

  • One billion rabbits are killed each year so that their fur can be used in clothing or for lures in fly fishing or trim on craft items.
  • In China, more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and often skinned alive for their fur.
  • Fur farms harm the environment. One million pounds of feces are produced annually by U.S. mink farms alone. One dangerous component of this waste is nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorus, which pollutes nearby rivers and streams.

Millions of minks, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, and other animals used for their fur need your help to stop this from happening.

How can you help? It’s easy!

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  • Profile photo of Varun

    948 days ago

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    OMG!! What is this happening guys..?? :'( Plz share this to all the people living in this world to know the fact and make this ban and illegal plz..!!

  • Profile photo of YesWayJose

    1085 days ago

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    It’s super sad what we humans do to our animal friends.

  • Profile photo of YesWayJose

    1086 days ago

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    Poor animals.

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