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Posted August 29, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

The Prids’ dark pop sound wouldn’t be out of place at any indie dance night. With buzz-saw guitars and a lovely mix of male and female vocals, the Prids are setting the standard for the post-punk new wavers everywhere. And wouldn’t you know- The Prids are all vegan! So I like them even more. Check out my interview with David Frederickson (vocals/guitar), and find out just why this is theband to watch. After the light read-enter below to win free goodies from the band.

me: We heard that everyone in The Prids is vegan, including your light/tech guy, was there one thing that made you go vegetarian? From there what made you decide to go vegan?
David: It’s true, everyone in the Prids are vegan, even our light guy when we still had one. When Mistina and I were still living in Missouri she called me into the living room to see this program she was watching. It wasn’t a program about vegetarianism, it was about the way different cultures treat animals, such as religious sacrifice. In one segment, we think it was in Spain or Italy people were tossing goats out of 10 story windows, and in another people were slaughtering cows and dogs for meat. We were shocked and revolted and thought to ourselves what’s the difference between this and our eating meat?That’s where it all began. We went vegan first and failed miserably,then went vegetarian. From vegetarian vegan was a much easier transition. We’ve both been vegan for 10 years now. And luckily the Northwest is a haven for other creative progressive types, so our band members are vegan too.

me: Do you ever feel spoiled because of all the vegan options that abound in Portland? We heard that you even got to play a benefit show at peta2 favorite spot Food Fight! Does it get any better than that for a vegan
David: The whole reason we moved here was because we loved the music scene so much, and what really topped it all off was when we read a interview with Donna Dresch, (of Team Dresch) she was going on about how easy it was to be vegan in Portland so we migrated to what we thought was going to be this promise land, and it ended up being real. It was everything we thought it was going to be. So are we spoiled? Well it’s not Missouri! When we first heard about Food Fight! it sounded too good to be true, a place you can go inside and you don’t have to read the ingredients!?! Wow. Really, you can’t believe it till you see it. And it’s next to the all vegan tattoo shop, Scapegoat Tattoo!

me: What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking of going vegetarian or vegan, but hasn’t made the switch yet?
David:I think it helps if you have a strong foundation for why you’re doing it. I think understanding why on an intellectual as well as an emotional level can make the difference between this being who you really are, or just being a phase.

The Prids’ new album, until the world is beautiful, comes out today-and you have a chance to win it along with a t-shirt and button. One grand prize winner will also get a sweet tote bag to stash your new swag in. So put the AIM on hold for a second and enter now!

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