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Posted March 21, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

If you play in a band, it’s always a good idea to have Animal Rights literature at all of your shows because you have a unique and fun opportunity to talk about an important issue. Grant from Glory of This does just that. He’s vegan and has PETA literature at all of their shows as a way of spreading the word and hopefully getting more people to consider going vegan. His band Glory of This has a new album coming out July 11th and they are about to head out on the road too. Check out their MySpace and be sure to see one of their shows.

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I saw V for Vendetta last night and it was excellent. It stars vegan actress Natalie Portman who gave an amazing preformance in the movie. Could veganism be linked to good acting skills? Probably.
Speaking of movies…Tonight we are showing a special presentation of Earthlings in the PETA library. Earthlings has helped people make the connection on the spot that animals feel pain and suffering just like you and I, so I highly recommend organizing a showing of your own in your living room, basement, or anywhere you can. If your video store doesn’t have this film, you can purchase one from us here. Make some vegan treats to share at the showing then you’ll have a delicious and informative night. The showing starts upstairs soon so I have to hurry along and get up there.
Take care!

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