This 'Healthy Eating' Deal Will Shock You

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Posted May 3, 2013 by Whitney Calk

Ready for your WTF moment of the day? Get ready, guys. This one’s a doozy.

In an attempt to promote healthy eating for kids, the Washington State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has recently decided to partner with … wait for it … fast-food chain McDonald’s.

You know, because nothing says “healthy eating” like soggy fries and burgers with suspiciously long shelf lives that are packed with fat and sugar, right …?

Thankfully, one concerned PTA volunteer is taking a stand. Alba Suarez, a nurse and former teacher, recently fired off a letter to the association asking it to reconsider the partnership and to keep the PTA focused on the students’ best interests—not its own (which is the revenue that the PTA will make from it).

In her letter, Suarez states:

I am concerned that the partnership between the Washington State PTA and McDonald’s sends the wrong message—namely, that the PTA endorses unhealthy foods, which are linked to the childhood-obesity epidemic and to cruel factory-farming practices ….

Promoting McDonald’s foods and products conflicts with our number-one priority as parents and teachers: to ensure the well-being of our children. We should not support giving our children animal products that are the result of horrific slaughterhouse practices. …

We should not support cruelty, period.

We couldn’t agree with you more, Alba. Aside from the fact that the words “healthy eating” and “McDonald’s” shouldn’t be allowed in the a same sentence together, there are also a few other reasons why the fast-food chain gets an F in our grade books—a few million reasons, actually: 

Millions of chickens are killed for McDonald’s ever year. Sometimes they’re scalded to death. Sometimes they have their throats cut while they’re awake and able to feel pain.

Is this really the kind of thing that students in the state of Washington—or anywhere—should be forced to support? We think not, Washington State PTA. We think not.

Want to take your own stand against McCruelty? Here’s how:


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