I Love Chicken 'Cause He Loves Chickens

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Posted July 21, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

One of my all time favorite comebacks is to say “you are dead to me.” Example: Recently, when someone (who will remain nameless) sent an embarrassing video of me dancing like a backup dancer for Brittany Spears to all of the peta2 staff, I told him that he is for sure- dead to me. Stay with me, because this story has a purpose – this catch phrase is soon going to spread like wildfire.
Remember our pal Chicken from the old-school hardcore outfit Western Addiction? Well he has a new side project called, what else, Dead To Me.

Dead To Me is definitely going to be a household name with their stellar debut album Cuban Ballerina. See for yourself by checking out a track off the album called “By The Throat” here.
It is hard not to love Chicken. After all, the last time peta2 sat down with him, he offered up this gem, “The more knowledge you have about how animals are treated before they end up on your plate, the less you will want to eat meat. The saddest thing is the people who do know about how poorly animals are treated, but they still eat meat anyway. Humans are selfish by nature, I suppose – but it still sucks.”
So go get the album already!
rock xoxo-lara
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p.s. ok ok-here is the video of me dancin

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