International KFC Call-In Day

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Posted May 10, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Wednesday, May 11 is an international KFC call-in day. This Wednesday, we want every last one of you to take a few minutes to call KFC and voice your complaints about the cruel treatment of the more than 800 million chickens raised for KFC.
In the factory farms and slaughterhouses of KFC suppliers, baby birds have their beaks cut off with a hot blade and no painkillers. After being injected with growth hormones, the chickens grow so large, so fast that they cripple under their own weight. At the end of their lives, chickens are strung up by their legs and have their throats slit, and then thrown into scalding hot water, often while they are fully conscious.
Everyone in the United States can call KFC at 1-800-CALL-KFC. Canadian activists, call toll-free at 1-866-774-7961, and in the UK, call 01483 717000. Remember that each call to KFC’s toll-free numbers costs the company money. Be sure to check out peta2’s Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign page for more ways you can help.
After you’ve made your calls, submit a report on what you said to KFC using our appropriate Street Team form for 350 Street Team points. Also, comment here to let everyone know how it went!
Petitions and Sign-Up Sheets
We’ve finally compiled all of the peta2 petitions and sign-up sheets in one place. Check ’em out under “DIY Activism” in the Take Charge section, from the classic peta2 sign-up sheet to the new “Veganize Your Cafeteria” petition.

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