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Posted September 9, 2013 by peta2 staff

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce peta2’s illustrious fall tour crew. Over the next few months, these folks will embark on an awesome, lifesaving journey across the country, speaking up for some of the most abused animals.

Who knows? Maybe one of these fine people below will bump into you on a college campus or at the next concert you attend …

Sidney Jeperson

Sidney Jesperson from San Diego
Music I like: Earth Crisis, American Nightmare, First Blood, Gather, The Smiths
About me: I’ve been an activist and a vegan for two years. I have two animal companions: Jack the cat and Ziggy the bunny. In my free time, I like to go to shows, movies, and museums and volunteer at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary . I’m excited to meet students all over the country who are passionate about animal rights!

Stephanie Maddux peta2

Stephanie Maddux from Buffalo, Missouri
Music I like: The Offspring, Avicii, Alt-J, AFI, Red Hot Chili Peppers
About me: I enjoy roller coasters, clouds, traveling, Sudoku, and “coincidences.” Touring with peta2 is a blast because we get to inform others about how to save animals in their everyday lives, all while seeing new places and people and discovering mind-blowing vegan food.

Nima Wheeler

Nima Wheeler from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Music I like: The Dear Hunter, Defeater, La Dispute, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New
About me: Lately, I’ve been using my alone time to write and record music and collect philosophies.

Cole Loney

Cole Loney from Louisville, Kentucky
Music I like: The xx, Modest Mouse, Angus and Julia Stone, Macklemore, The Cab
About me: I got my start in animal activism when I joined the peta2 Street Team five years ago. Since then, I’ve organized demonstrations, served on the Youth Advisory Board, received the Star Street Teamer Award, and traveled to help peta2 staffers at concerts, including Warped Tour and Bonnaroo. I definitely recommend applying to tour for anyone who is interested in getting involved with animal activism in a cool way.

Alanna Wagy

Alanna Wagy from Weston, Florida
Music I like: Tame Impala, The Doors
About me: I’m just trying to keep it chill. I’m into gardening, cooking, and canoeing. I’m also a novice kombucha brewer and a social-justice advocate, who is obsessed with the 1960s.
What I’m most looking forward to: Seeing the country and promoting a cause that I’m passionate about!

Jeffrey Zhang

Jeffrey Zhang from Toronto, Ontario
Music I like: Imagine Dragons, Metric, Jay-Z, Selena Gomez
About me: I like to laugh, flirt, and take long walks in the rain without an umbrella. I’m a hoarder (stuff, not animals!) and a straight shooter, and I enjoy throwing snowballs at unsuspecting kids. I don’t enjoy sweating, but I love going to the gym. I hate it when my pillow gets too warm and turns my ears red and when my debit card gets declined. Above all, I make an effort to exemplify what I believe in through my actions and not the words used to describe them. I’m excited to visit a ridiculous number of places in such a short period of time and to make a serious contribution to an organization I wholeheartedly believe in.

Dave Gunn

Dave Gunn from Schenectady, New York
Music I like: A Wilhelm Scream, Nine Inch Nails, Owen, The Front Bottoms, Cursive, Ke$ha
About me: I am a 25-year-old from the “hood” of upstate New York and generally have spent most of my life trying to make sure I’m doing exactly what I want and believe in. I’m fiercely stubborn about my beliefs and have more or less sworn off conventional living so as to actually enjoy my life before I’m dead. At the end of the day, everything I do comes down to a strict adherence to philosophies such as ethical veganism, green anarchism, radical sobriety, egalitarianism, and humanism. Most of my energies go toward travel (mostly hitchhiking), writing (mostly zines), and immersing myself in as much information and art as humanly possible.
What I’m most looking forward to: Being able to travel while spreading the concept of animal rights is perfect for me. I’m looking forward to constantly changing settings, long conversations with people, vegan comfort food, and living “the suite life of Zack and Cody” at all the hotels we’ll stay at. 

Theresa Doherty

Theresa Doherty from Boston
Music I like: I like everything but country. Taking Back Sunday is my favorite band.
About me: I love meeting new people in different cities and forming lasting relationships with the people I tour with. My favorite animal is a penguin.

Kelli Bradley

Kelli Bradley from Rockford, Illinois
Music I like: Panic! at the Disco
About me: My favorite animal is a manatee. I love waking up in a different city each day and talking to people. I went vegan at the start of the summer before I toured with peta2 on Warped Tour.

Ashley Abdenour

Ashley Abdenour from Detroit
Music I like: Andrew McMahon
About me: I love doing something better in the world, meeting people and impacting them. I went veg at the age of 14. My parents wouldn’t support my decision, so I got a job to pay for my own food and live a cruelty-free life!

Molly Hudelson

Molly Hudelson from Westfield, New Jersey
Music I like: Good Charlotte and Blink-182
About me: My favorite animal is my companion dog, Dobby, and my favorite thing about touring with peta2 is being able to impact people’s lives. I originally went veg because … I wouldn’t eat my dog, right?

Alyssa Weiss

Alyssa Weiss from Chicago
Music I likeo: Taylor Swift, The Dresden Dolls
About me: I’ve been veg since elementary school. My favorite animals are dogs and meerkats. I’m really excited to travel for peta2!

Chelsea Dunstall

Chelsea Dunstall  from Toronto, Ontario
Music I like: Anti-Flag
About me: I’m a paramedic, and I also work in the music industry. I love cats and elephants. I also love traveling and being in the States!

Over the next few months, peta2’s tour teams will travel the country, eat at the best vegan restaurants, and help animals—and get paid to do it! BEST JOB EVER, right? Sound like something you wanna do?! We’re accepting résumés for our upcoming winter touring season. Apply now!

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