What The F*$k Is Lard?

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Posted July 11, 2014 by Lily Trahan

So what is lard, you ask? Well, in short, it’s pretty much one of the nastiest things you’ve ever consumed in your life. Sorry, but it’s true:

Looks kind of like dried-up snot, doesn’t it?

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To go into more detail, lard is the rendered fatty tissue of pigs, meaning that it’s basically pig fat that has been ground up to form a gross, greasy spread. As a matter of fact, manufacturers have to add antioxidants to lard to prevent it from going rancid, aka turning into ground-up, rotting pig sh*t.

Where can it be found?

  • Food containing shortening (e.g., baked goods)
  • Lubricants (ooh la la)
  • Soap … YES, SOAP.
  • Cosmetics

How to avoid it:

Now, before you panic and head for the hills …

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… keep in mind that it’s easier than ever to live lard-free! When buying cosmetics, look for products that are labeled “cruelty-free.”

Need some help getting started? Order your FREE cruelty-free shopping guide here!

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As for food, as long you stick to vegan stuff, you’ll automatically be avoiding any and all animal-based ingredients! For baking, make sure to use vegetable-based shortening. Check out our free peta2 Guide To Going Vegan to help get you going on the right foot!

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Guaranteed lard-free!

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