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Posted June 7, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

One day all the grocery stores will be vegan and I will rest in peace; with a tummy full of treats. Yay!

You know how people sometimes say “Oh I could never be vegan, I love my (insert random disgusting animal body products here) too much.” Well you know what, I was at Food Fight, the vegan grocery store in Portland, Oregon a few days back and they had something quite absurd.

Do you know what ‘haggis’ is?! It’s so gross I think I might hurl while writing this. Ok, so it is basically sheep’s hearts, lungs, and livers mixed in with some other things like animal fat and then boiled in an animal stomach!!! So yea, pretty much one of the grossest sounding things you’ve heard of since back in the days when you learned that those rump roasts are really an animal’s butt and those chicken thighs are indeed thighs! Food Fight carries a vegan version of haggis, but I will let it slide since they also have cool stuff like soups, sandwiches, mixes for all kinds of quick vegan meals, and such wonders as that! The moral of the story is that even if you like eating gross animal-filled foods, you can go vegan and get even the sickest stuff in a version that involves no animal cruelty! Readers, you may note Chad from Food Fight holding a can of this vegan haggis, as well as, some vegan whipped cream stuff. What’s that thing in his mouth, you may be wondering? Well, it’s PETA’s very own Chew On This. We we chatting about effective advocacy for animal rightsand I think he just got confused somehow.

But hey, the reason I was out West was partially to table some shows with the Alkaline Trio. They have been touring a ton and deserve the time off they have coming. To help you get your fix of animal friendly projects the band has collaborated with us on, check out this new quiz featuring Derek and Matt, and be sure to tell us how you did!

Alkaline Trio Quiz
Keep it real, kids.


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