peta2 Star Street Teamer: Jasmine From California!

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Posted December 30, 2009 by Rachelle Owen

You should never underestimate all the things (big or small) that you do for animals. Jasmine De La Torre, from Healdsburg, California, is a perfect example!

This month, we’re giving Jasmine our Star Street Teamer Award for not only writing letters online to bad guys like the CEO of KFC and adding videos like “Meet Your Meat” to her MySpace page but also attending demonstration after demonstration in her local community to persuade stores to stop selling fur and to stop exploiting animals.

Jasmine went vegetarian at the age of 11, after seeing local kids throwing rocks at a neighborhood cat. She knew, after running up and protecting that cat, that she needed to become a voice for all animals, who are essentially voiceless. Now 16, Jasmine is vegan and saves over 100 animals a year just by not eating them. Chickens, pigs, cows and other animals killed to end up on someone’s plate suffer from abuse that would be illegal if done to a dog or cat, while feeling the same pain and fear as dogs or cats do. Jasmine, an animal lover, can’t stomach that cruelty—and is determined to speak up whenever she can for every animal in need.

Recently, after holding a Fur-Free Friday demonstration outside a local boutique, the hard work of Jasmine and the local animal rights group in Healdsburg, California, paid off—the boutique agreed to go fur-free! This is only one of many victories animals have had in Healdsburg because of Jasmine and her passion for animal rights.

Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with, and we wanted to congratulate her on this huge victory for the millions of animals who are drowned, clubbed, gassed, and anally or vaginally electrocuted before often being skinned alive to end up on someone’s back.

Thanks, Jasmine, for speaking up for those who need your help!

Stay loud!

P.S. Want to find out how you can become the next Star Street Teamer? Join the peta2 Street Team and get active!



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