peta2's Sandwich of the Week: Veggie Dogs

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Posted October 8, 2009 by Ryan Huling

Listen, I know that veggie dogs aren’t really considered “sandwiches,” but it’s something in between bread, so I think it fits the definition closely enough to make this a sandwich of the week!

So anyway, if you’re wondering what to eat and interested in a simple, protein-packed meal why not bring some veggie dogs for lunch?

You probably don’t need a recipe or instructions, but to humor you I’ll include some anyway …

Step 1. Buy veggie dogs and bread.
Step 2. The morning before you go to school, cook the veggie dogs according to the instructions on the package. I’m lazy so I microwave them. You might care to boil them or use a fancy pan or indoor grill. Whatever makes you happy, you know?
Step 3. Put the veggie dogs in the buns.
Step 4. Wrap the veggie dogs and buns in aluminum foil. They’ll stay warm and fit perfectly in your lunch bag.
Step 5. Go to school and eat! Remember to recycle the foil!

As I mentioned, I can get pretty lazy, so I just swiped some bbq sauce, mustard, and ketchup from the fridge at work for lunch today, but you can mix it up with Chili ‘Dogs’ or whatever else makes you happy.

It’s seriously such a great alternative to the old standard of PB&J, so give it a try for lunch sometime soon. And bring an extra for a friend to try, will ya?

Does that sound easy enough? What’s your favorite topping for veggie dogs?



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