Poker Faces and Subversive Messages

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Posted June 29, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

We just added some great-looking playing cards to our list of Street Team Goods. Now when you have some friends over to play poker you have a great way of bringing up how life on the end of a chain is no life at all, or how chickens on factory farms have their beaks cut off when they’re chicks. Sounds like a fun and subversive card game to me!

Check out Freya’s Video on UMTV!
You may remember our past entry about Freya’s new video, “Struggle To Survive” – well now it’s up on and you should go watch it. Just click on the “Videos” section and take a scroll down. After you’ve watched it all the way through, head over to and let the band know how much you appreciate the video.
Latest Warped Tour Update from Jason
Tuesday, June 28
We survived the 13 hour drive from San Antonio, TX to Las Cruces, NM.
Strike Anywhere’s lead singer, Thomas, came by the peta2 tent and told us about how he and his friends would liberate chained animals in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Like most of the nation, Richmond has a huge animal overpopulation problem causing tons of animals to live on the streets. Thomas and his friends were cool enough to make sure the animals they found got the care they needed.

Buses are heading to Phoenix, AZ – gotta run. Underoath is stopping by the tent for an autograph signing tomorrow.
That’s it for now. I have e-mails to answer and friends on MySpace to approve.
Take care!
Chris Garnett
peta2 Street Team Coordinator

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