Is There Snail Slime in Your Beauty Products?!

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Posted March 21, 2016 by Victoria Hong

One of the grossest beauty trends right now is the use of snail mucus in skin creams and lotions.

OMG, ew.

It’s been all the rage in Korea for years, and now a number of products in the U.S. are promoting snail slime as a beauty enhancer—including brands like Dr. Jart+ and Missha. But don’t be fooled by the hype! Buying these creams hurts animals. There’s nothing beautiful about breeding snails for the sole purpose of using them in someone’s beauty routine or bullying them to get to their slime.

Snails used for makeup typically spend their lives in captivity on snail farms, where they are confined to boxes and often kept caged behind electric fences that shock them if they try to escape.

Snails produce slime as a way to protect their bodies from harm. In order for farmers to extract the slime, they “agitate” and stress out the snails using salt, which is known to harm them, or they starve the snails to trigger them to release more mucus. No chill, guys.

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Many farmers and companies want consumers to believe that no sails were harmed when collecting the slime, but the process is described as “mechanically stressing” the snails … which sounds pretty harmful, right? Not to mention that any animal held in captivity and used for purposes that are not their own (like the ones who are harvested on these farms) are bullied. What’s even grosser is that as the slime is collected, you get a mix of mucus and feces. WTF.

But don’t worry! We’ve got some awesome Korean beauty-inspired alternatives that will keep your face glowing and animals happy, healthy, and free. Check out some of my current faves that won’t harm a single snail or animal friend!


To prep for this beauty routine, we have to start with a clean face. Check out Lush’s Movis two-in-one bar cleanser and exfoliator. I’ve got a bar in my cabinet, and it lasts for, like, ever. The soap smells yummy, acts super-gentle, and is full of wheat and vitamin E.


Masks are pretty neat. You can slather one of these from Pacifica on your face, do your thing while it dries, and then wash it off!

For those of you trying to save money, I’d recommend my DIY holy grail: the avocado face mask

Night Creams

When you go to sleep, your skin needs rest, too (and a little help to restore itself). I like Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Day & Night Cream–so be sure to super-moisturize and get ready for some sweet dreams.

BB Creams

So many #BBCreams, so little time! DOUBLE TAP and tell us your favorite #PhysiciansFormula BB Cream #rxforglamour

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Short for “beauty balm,” BB creams make your makeup seem so minimal but totally spotless. Who needs multiple bottles and tubes when you have one multitasker that moisturizes, primes, and acts as a foundation and SPF. My favorite is Physicians Formula’s Super BB cream. 


For you all-natural, beauty-without-chemicals, homemade-treatment folks, check out these six refreshing DIY skin treatments! 

Or if you’re in a rush and opting for a one-stop product, there’s always aloe vera.💁

Be sure to check out our database of cruelty-free companies or download the Bunny Free app for when you’re on the go. So whenever you’re in doubt, you can check to make sure you’re buying from a company that doesn’t test on animals! Because really, there’s nothing more beautiful than being compassionate.

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