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Posted February 15, 2013 by Sara Wirth

We all know you guys are awesome at speaking up for animals—so what better time than the present to start a weekly highlight reel of some of the great work that you’re doing?! 😀

Need some inspiration on how to get started helping animals? Check out what these Street Teamers have been up to this past week:

Guy Mine is Bigger than Yours

Dylan showed people that vegans have much bigger … HEARTS than all the rest! Show the world that size matters by making your own sign here. 🙂


 How freaking cute are these?! Miho made these awesome earrings out of her peta2 stickers!

“It’s really easy,” she says. “On the blank side of the sticker, put a sticker on, laminate it, punch a hole in it, and put an earring hook on it and done! (You don’t have to sticker both sides but then you can see two stickers.)”

Girl, remember us when your jewelry line takes off!

AR cellphone

 Vanessa made an animal rights cell phone with our stickers so that every time she takes it out to text or call someone, she’s speaking up for animals! You can order your own FREE stickers here and deck out your phone, too. 🙂

make the connection world hungerKendra made the connection that when we eat meat, millions of people don’t eat at all. Get 1,000 Street Team points by making your own version of this and sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

street teamer tabling

 Nicole and her animal rights group, SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), tabled about fur and veganism at her school! If only it were socially acceptable to wear animal face paint every day. *sigh* You can get free materials and info to table at your school, too! Just e-mail us at [email protected], and we’ll send you everything you’ll need to get started. 🙂

Awesome work this week, guys! To find out more ways that YOU can help animals, check out our Take Action page and be sure to join our Street Team! Not only will you be getting seriously good karma points for helping animals, you’ll also be earning Street Team points toward FREE stuff from our store. Sweet deal, right?

So with all these ideas on how to help animals, it’s time to get your activism on! Be sure to send us pics of you in action, and you might even make next week’s blog post. 🙂

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    1342 days ago

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    These are really cool. I love the earring idea.

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    1343 days ago

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    Our vegan bake sales always got lots of people asking about veganism and buying lots of treats! It’s a supercool way to teach others that vegans eat well and save animals too!

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