Students Play 'Jump Rope' With Cat Intestines in Class

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Posted May 17, 2016 by Kim Johnson

According to two videos, which were posted publicly on Facebook and sent to PETA by a concerned whistleblower, students at Winston Churchill High School in Texas played “jump rope” with a dissected cat’s intestines.

Studies suggest that cutting up dead animals in classrooms can foster callousness toward animals and nature, and the students’ cruel behavior shown in the videos clearly demonstrates disrespect for the cats who are being cut apart.

Cats are sensitive, highly intelligent animals who experience emotions such as pain, happiness, fear, and love—just as humans do. The cats who were being cut apart in this classroom are no different from the beloved animal companions many of these students might share their homes with. In fact, the cats on the dissection table may have once been someone’s family member! Homeless, lost, or abandoned cats are often collected from animal shelters, injected with formaldehyde, and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags for dissection in classrooms just like this one.

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The National Association of Biology Teachers states that “[b]iology teachers should foster a respect for life.” These videos are certainly not educational—and they clearly show students’ lack of respect. They remind us of an incident that occurred last year, in which students at an Oklahoma high school—along with their teacher—filmed themselves dancing with dead cats who were about to be dissected. After 35,000 concerned people e-mailed the school through PETA’s website, the school announced that it was ending its cat-dissection program indefinitely.

Texas has a statewide dissection-choice policy, which allows individual students to opt out of cutting up animals, but PETA is urging the school to cut out animal dissection entirely and switch to digital non-animal methods, which are more effective and less expensive than dissection. PETA has also offered to donate modern dissection alternatives to the school.

When 100 percent of medical schools don’t use animal dissection, it’s safe to say that cutting open dead animals isn’t necessary to learn about science!

What You Can Do

1. Tell officials at Winston Churchill High School to switch to modern, non-animal methods

2. Cutting up the corpses of tortured, abused, and slaughtered animals is not educational. It’s wrong, and you don’t have to do it—you have a choice. Check out our map to find out if your state or school district has a dissection-choice policy. If your state does have one, your teacher could be REQUIRED to give you an alternative assignment when you ask for one. If it doesn’t and your teacher tries to make you dissect, stay strong and let us help. We’re always here for you!

3. Share this blog post to let your friends and family know that dissection is wrong. 

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