5 Terrible Things That Can Happen to You at SeaWorld

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Posted February 26, 2016 by peta2 staff

Going to SeaWorld already supports the captivity and exploitation of intelligent, sensitive animals. Every time you buy a ticket to a marine park, you’re hurting animals. However, you may be putting yourself at risk as well! Here are five awful things that you might experience if you visit SeaWorld:

1. Nausea

Your stomach could be in danger! You may feel seriously nauseated watching animals throw up …

Orca Vomiting

… and possibly even eat their own puke. 

Walrus Puking

2. Guilt

You may be forced to watch helplessly as an animal falls outside of his or her tank and writhes in agony on the ground. This dolphin was thrown from her tank after colliding with another dolphin while performing a “trick.”


This poor pilot whale was struggling for 25 minutes—while guests screamed for help—before a SeaWorld employee pushed him or her back into the water.


3. Physical Pain

You could even be physically harmed by an animal, like this little girl was. SeaWorld has been known to put guests in situations that are dangerous to them.


4. Nightmares 

You may have trouble sleeping after seeing an orca driven mad by captivity banging his or her head against concrete. Want to avoid nightmares? Avoid SeaWorld.


5. Heart Pain

We saved the worst for last: Your heart will most definitely hurt after seeing a beautiful wild animal floating listlessly in a tiny tank. In the wild, this orca could swim up to 100 miles per day! Tragically, orcas at SeaWorld are confined to only 0.0001 percent of the space they may have traveled in a single day in nature.

This depressed orca floats lifelessly in a SeaWorld tank.

Who needs nightmares and guilt in their life? Not you! Stand up for orcas, dolphins, walruses, and other animals by refusing to go to ANY marine park. If you want to get close to marine animals without harming them, try these cruelty-free adventure ideas:

What to Do Instead of going to SeaWorld Thumb

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