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Posted September 20, 2011 by Christina

Love ordering peta2 materials, but need to get active ASAP? We’ve got you covered!

asparina / CC by 2.0

Our DIY collection can help you go from zero to activist in the amount of time it takes your printer to spit out paper (impressive!). Here’s our collection of printable materials—right at your fingertips:





I’m sure you’ll be super busy with all of these, but if there are any other materials you need, just shoot us an e-mail at!

Have fun!

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  • Profile photo of yfgc

    424 days ago

    Awesome! Just printed the Egg leaflets, UGG leaflets, and the Meat’s Not Green petition. :-)

  • Profile photo of Sabrina08

    512 days ago

    Awesome resources. Printed some of the leaflets already!

  • Profile photo of naturegirl

    743 days ago

    Can I post them through my neighbors doors?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      741 days ago

      Please only leave these bits of literature on your own personal property unless you get permission to do so otherwise. :)

  • Profile photo of naturegirl

    744 days ago

    I love these! Just wondering though, are there any leaflets for issues like meats not green?

  • 995 days ago

    I see that some links were fixed and added. However, there still are many without links!


    • Profile photo of DianaM21066

      992 days ago

      We’re working on it, hang tight :)
      Til then, if there are any resources you need that aren’t up, you can totally email us at

      diANA m

  • 1293 days ago

    just printed two, planning on bribing people with candy to sign them XD, I mean I care about what theyre signing, they will too oneday :) so for now its sign and recieve candy ^^

  • 1326 days ago

    Very helpful

    Thanks Christina!

  • 1326 days ago

    sweet son

  • 1327 days ago

    This has become so helpful. Like I bookmarked this as ‘best friend.’

  • 1331 days ago

    So excited to get a printer, I’m going to print these out like crazy! 😀

  • 1335 days ago

    I can’t wait to get started!

  • 1341 days ago

    Very helpful–now I just need a printer.

  • 1341 days ago

    awesome! i’m printing some out now!

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