'The Social Network' Star Jesse Eisenberg Is Veg

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Posted September 29, 2010 by Ray Harkins

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Actor Jesse Eisenberg visits the Apple Store Soho on September 23, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Actor Jesse Eisenberg—who portrays Facebook CEO and rumored vegan, Mark Zuckerberg, in the soon-to-be-released film The Social Networkrecently revealed that he himself is a vegetarian. He recalled an argument that he had with a vegetarian on an NYC subway: New to vegetarianism at the time, Jesse was hoping to get some tips. Apparently, the guy wasn’t interested in sharing.

Luckily, peta2 has tons of fabulous vegan tips and recipes.

Got any personal veg tips for Jesse?

Just keepin’ it real,



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  • 1656 days ago

    Eat all the same meals you used to have but replace the meat with cruelty-free substitutes :o)

  • 1659 days ago

    yeah i agree with Mist

  • 1659 days ago

    it’s great that he’s vegetarian…many people look up to celebrities and if thier open about vegetarianism then it’s a great way to get the point across and inspire people

  • 1659 days ago

    I have to disagree with Seymour Eliot, too, and agree with Mist. And about the grocery store thing; I’m from a small town in Texas and the H-E-B in the town a few mins away from me JUST got Morning Star/Boca items (only like 4 things, but it’s a good start) and they only carry 1 kind of hard tofu. I will be writing a letter to them soon to try to get more vegetarian/vegan things, though.

  • 1661 days ago

    Seymour Eliot, I disagree with you, I’m a vegetarian and I don’t believe I “use and exploit animals”. Vegetarians are just as pro animal rights as vegans are. I don’t support the animal entertainment and fur industries, so I don’t understand your “animal enslavement and exploitation industry” comment.

  • 1661 days ago

    Good job for going veg!!!!

  • 1661 days ago

    I love him and thats great! I’m glad he’s a veg :) he should go to El Chipotle in l.a its great :D

  • 1661 days ago

    Don’t say “veg” when you mean “vegan”. Vegetarians still use and exploit animals, and that’s not what we want, is it?

    Jesse should visit Gary Francione’s website (http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/) and read some of his non violent and very wisely written essays. That’ll do for the motivation. Now for the being vegan part, it’s easy: she just has to stop buying animal products and products that contain animal by-products or were involved with animals in general. There is absolutely no grocery store in the world that doesn’t contain enough vegan food for anybody to sustain and have great vegan meals.

    Nobody should feel worse craving something they can no longer eat than supporting the animal enslavement and exploitation industry.

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