The Veronicas: 'Here's The Rest of Your Fur Coat' PSA

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Posted October 25, 2010 by Chelsi Schriver

Jess and Lisa of The Veronicas hail from Australia, write the catchiest pop songs, have a new record dropping in the next few months, and want you to know exactly where all of those fur coats are coming from.

The Veronicas anti-fur PSA

Check out their brand new “Here’s The Rest of Your Fur Coat” PSA, and remember that millions or rabbits, foxes, minks, raccoons, and other animals are killed and often skinned alive for their fur every year. As Jess explains, “[W]earing fur is unnecessary and unacceptable.”

Take a stand like The Veronicas.
Take our pledge to be
fur free today.



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  • 1622 days ago

    I saw them for the first time on the suite life of zack and cody

  • 1625 days ago

    i love The Veronicas! there sooo cool!!!
    i think this is why soo many pple love them!
    im glad that their trying to do something about help stop making fur coats

  • 1625 days ago

    I’m really glad that their speaking against this inhumane action!! I wish everyone would have some sympathy like these 2 lovely ladies and put an end to fur wearing once and for all.Love The Veronicas btw!!!

  • 1626 days ago

    So great to see people of fame making a difference!!! Wish there were more people like these two ladies – thank you!!

  • 1626 days ago

    I <3 The Veronicas & This Makes Me Love Them Even More!

  • 1626 days ago

    Yeah- stop them live skinning idiots, Veronicas! Who are they?

  • 1626 days ago

    And I think that these Veronicas are doing a magnificent job publicizing this barbarity, even if I have never heard any of their music!

  • 1626 days ago

    I’d like to notice a similar alert and changing the attitude here in PORTUGAL.
    We’re still so primary barbars.
    Here’s a lack of respect and protection for animals that makes me ashame of this cruel civilization

  • PV

    1626 days ago

    Horrible. This should be out-lawed.

  • 1627 days ago

    i <3 the veronicas

  • 1633 days ago

    Poor bunnies.

  • 1633 days ago

    I love these girls! They are just fabulous!

  • 1634 days ago

    Yay..Australia represent :D
    I’m so glad that the girls have done this….They’re huge in Aus and I reckon it’ll raise a LOT of awareness
    Love love love it

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