To Animals, It's Not Entertainment

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Posted June 5, 2009 by Rachelle Owen

Every time we post a blog encouraging you to write to companies who continue to exploit animals in their advertisements, TV shows or movies, we receive hundreds of e-mails and messages from people who either agree or completely don’t get it. Animals “love to act”, they say, or “love their trainers” or “you can’t prove that all animals are abused”. What do we have to say? Well, you’re missing the point.

You can say without a doubt that slavery was wrong—even without proving that every single slave was beaten. Maybe some slaves knew nothing but slavery for their entire lives—but that never made it right. Animals forced into industries that trap them, chain them and enslave them are unwilling victims in this trade that makes money by hoping that you won’t make the connection.

For the animals who are chained in trucks or trains, forced to perform in circuses or under spotlights in Hollywood studios—it’s not entertainment. No animal chooses to live in captivity, ride a tricycle or perform on a TV show. No elephant in a circus chooses to give up freedom to be chained in a boxcar for most of his day and to be beaten with a bullhook. No great ape chooses to be taken out of the rain forest, away from his family, and forced to drive a car in a commercial.
What can you do? Don’t support companies that exploit animals, don’t go to the circus, and use this link to share peta2’s new video to everyone you know. Post it on your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!

Stay loud!

P.S. Your support works! Just this week Arnold Woldwide has joined the list of companies including Gap Inc., SEGA, Puma, Yahoo!, and others in signing PETA’s pledge to never use great apes in advertisements.



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  • 2272 days ago

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    Hey Laura —
    Having an animal “portrayed” in a commercial, TV show or movie isn’t worth a lifetime of suffering. Anyone who wants to learn about animals or who truly loves animals, wouldn’t want to support the entertainment industry that abuses them for profit.
    In fact – as you can see in the video and from previous PETA investigations, animals exploited, bought and sold for the TV and movie industries AREN’T treated fine. Animals don’t belong on the set, period.
    A lot of people are “sure” that animals on factory farms are treated fine too — certainly laws have to be there to protect animals from being abused, right? We all know that’s far from the truth, why is it so hard to believe that animals treated as objects to end up on the big screen are treated any differently?
    Any time money is made from animals being used, the animals suffer. You can see more from PETA’s investigations, and read more about what happens to animals behind the scenes at:
    Hope this helps!
    -Rachel at peta2

  • 2274 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I find this really sad and I do support.

  • 2275 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I’m kinda hot and cold about animals in the entertainment industry. Sure, the circus industry is kinda slimy. But as far as TV and movies go, how else are they going to portray animals, put humans in costumes? I mean I’m sure they treat the animals fine. The only entertainment industry that treats animals bad that I’ve heard really is the circus. That’s all I’m really against.

  • 2276 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I’m putting this video on my Bebo page right now!

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