Top 7 peta2 Tumblr Posts of All Time

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Posted February 20, 2013 by Diana Mendoza

So you know peta2 is thee place to go for all your animal rights Qs, resources, and news. But what’s that? You want more? More pics, more quick news, more laughs, more in-yo’-face action?! Check out peta2’s Tumblr!


We got the quick action on what’s happening every day, and what’s more, you can earn Street Team points (good for cool merch!) just by following the peta2 Tumblr. Why follow peta2 on Tumblr? Here are eight good reasons why:

Presenting peta2’s Top 8 Tumblr Posts of All Time! Get ready to drool, swoon, and delight in the cuteness!

Shirtless Davey Havok’s Animal Rights Quote
AFI's Davey Havock nominated for peta2's Sexiest Vegetarian Celeb award
Who needs bacon with all this (vegan) beefcake? Sizzzzzle!!


L.A.: Ban Elephant Acts

Los Angeles help abused animals by banning elephant actsL.A. ♥ eles!

Our Presidents Day Animal Rights Quote From Abe Lincoln

peta2 Abraham Lincoln animal rights quote

We’re feeling patriotic.


Humane’ Meat

peta2 humane meat ecardLOLZ!!!


Vegan Peanut Butter Mousse
5 Ingredient vegan peanut butter mousse recipe from peta2



Ear Tag Mission
peta2 ear tag leather street team mission
This is a real “statement piece”!

And drumroll please … 

Weekly Dose of Cuteness: Most Adorable Goat Ever!
Weekly Dose of Cuteness baby goat from peta2


Get your fill of peta2 awesomeness and follow peta2 on Tumblr now!

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