Top Five Animal Rights Costumes!

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Posted October 21, 2011 by Rachelle Owen

Halloween is the best holiday ever—am I right?! It’s full of spooky costumes, autumn leaves, and tons of candy (vegan chocolate, anyone?!), and I wait anxiously for it every year. This year, I’m thinking that I will get creative instead of defaulting to my good ol’ Eric Draven makeup, so I’ve come up with a top five list of the best animal rights–themed costumes—thanks to PETA staffers and Street Teamers from last year who stepped up their game! Take a look:

5. Tofu: Yep, tofu—who doesn’t love it?!

4. Evil Ronald: Yeaaaah, is an explanation really necessary here? I mean, c’mon. Ronald McDonald is pretty much the essence of evil … and who isn’t afraid of clowns?!

3. Mad scientist: Poisoning monkeys, chopping apart live dogs, implanting electrodes into animals’ brains … pretty nutso, right?

2. Zombie (aka Flesh-Eater!): Because chomping into someone else’s flesh, bone, muscle, and skin is just downright creepy.

1. Factory-Farming Victim: Life on a factory farm and death in a slaughterhouse are nightmares … but it happens to millions of animals every single day. Give your friends something to think about.

Pretty spooky, right? What are YOU going to be for Halloween this year?




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  • 1216 days ago


  • 1262 days ago

    These costumes are awesome! FOr halloween I was a peacock.

  • 1266 days ago

    :( I’m already Gir from Invader Zim for Halloween this year.

    but next year, costume #1, here i come!

  • 1267 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE the girl’s tanktop in two! Did she design it and are there anymore?! (:
    I still haven’t decided on my costume.. I was thinking along the lines of zombie-bride advertising the Zombies Eat Flesh, but I reeally like #1. I’m gonna put my own spin on it.(;

  • 1268 days ago

    I dressed up as Justin Bieber yesterday at school, because he supports adopting animals. Might be todd the vegan from scott pilgrim, or billie joe armstrong from Green Day. cant wait for trickortreat tonight. I’m going to try to pass out stickers from Peta2 if i can :P

  • 1269 days ago

    I’m going to be a werewolf vampire hunter

  • 1269 days ago

    Haha I am actually going as pink tofu! (my last name is pinkham but i dont want my last name to be a meat) so im tofu that says “tofu never screams, go vegan!” in pink on the back. I wanted to be nugget though…

  • 1270 days ago

    I want to be a dead skinned fox. The school I go to is a fashion design school. I hope the other students get the message!

  • 1270 days ago

    They are all GENIUS!!!

  • 1270 days ago

    I wish I could be the Factory Farming Victim, but I already bought a Charlie Brown costume =/

  • 1270 days ago

    A shark. Supporting the ban of shark fin soup in Toronto!

  • 1270 days ago

    I love #5 – very good work around the neck and great make-up!

  • 1271 days ago

    Factory-farming victim, great idea! :DD

  • 1271 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the Ronald McDonald…funny yet true;)

  • 1273 days ago

    I love the bottom picture ^.^

  • 1273 days ago

    I’m definitely gonna be #1 the factory farming

  • god

    1273 days ago

    who doesn`t love tofu everybody!

  • 1274 days ago

    I love all these costumes! They really get the animal rights message out there.

  • 1274 days ago

    Im being a raccoon for Halloween! <3

  • 1275 days ago

    zombie! :D

  • 1275 days ago

    I would love to dress up as costume #1: Factory Farming. Very creative :D gonna use it ;)

  • 1275 days ago

    A zombie! :)

  • 1275 days ago

    i want to be the nugget!

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