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Posted April 19, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

So often we hear from the people we meet at shows, at Kentucky Fried Cruelty protests, and at various animal rights conferences like Helping Animals 101 that we are their heroes because we work for PETA. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really flattering and awesome to hear; I love that someone came up to me in the Mall of America in Minneapolis last year and said “Didn’t I see you on a peta2 e-card?” The thing is that while we may be the ones who plan new campaigns and organize protest tours, all of you ladies and boys are huge inspirations to us. You don’t know how many times I’ve said, “Hey Pulin, did you hear what Amandah Povilitus did this week?”
Right, so the reason I bring this up is because there’s one particular person who deserves a whole lotta credit, and her name is Jackey Martin. Recently, Jackey has been sort of an activism machine on Long Island; when PETA brought our “Whips and chains belong in the bedroom, not in the circus” demonstration to town, Jackey was there to help our dominatrix inform people that animals are routinely abused to force them to perform silly and degrading tricks. Most recently, Jackey has gotten all dissection removed from the curriculum at her school, Ward Melville High School. If any demented students say that they want to cut up dead animals, the teachers now make them watch “Classroom Cut-Ups” and see what really happens to animals killed for the dissection industry. This is such a huge accomplishment, possibly even the first time that any school in the U.S. has completely gotten rid of dissection. WMHS has been recognized as a School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education, so that makes it even more awesome. In summary, Jackey rules at life.
So, if you want to be my hero, go here for info on how to “cut out dissection”, and e-mail me if you want me to send you some “Cut Class, Not Frogs” stickers or anything else.




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