What's Better Than Cake?

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Posted May 23, 2007 by Marta Holmberg

Maybe a lot of things are better than cake, actually, but most people are hard-pressed to come up with anything when there’s a mouth-watering cake sitting before them in all its glory. Think about it: luscious, moist chocolate cake with a rich chocolate filling and topped with decadent, creamy chocolate frosting. Some of you might be thinking you can’t achieve such deliciousness with a vegan cake. Let me tell you right now: That can’t be further from the truth…but I’ll get back to this. Now why am I talking about cake? Glad you asked.

The head honcho of peta2, Mr. Dan Shannon himself, recently got a much-deserved promotion to Assistant Director of Youth Outreach & Campaigns. Sound like a mouthful? It is. Anyway, when he’s not busy eating Chickette bagel sandwiches, he’s making sure everything here in peta2 land is running smoothly. So if you haven’t gotten the stickers you ordered yet, blame him (Just kidding, Dan!).

Something you may or may not already know about peta2 is that our catchphrase is “CHECK YO FACE!” Well, not exactly, but we’re obsessed with saying it. Check out the cake that Pulin picked up from Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC over the weekend:

And here’s a picture of Dan after we surprised him with said cake yesterday:

Sticky Fingers is an absolutely amazing bakery that uses no egg or milk products, and if you’re near DC, you definitely need to stop by and try a Cowvin Cookie or Cinnamon Bun. Mmmmm!

Have I given you some inspiration to put your vegan baking skills to the test? Awesome! Then be sure to check out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World or you can even try making something very basic like Vanilla Cake.

Happy Eating!

? Marta

PS — Wish you could eat awesome things like this and help animals? Check out our internship program. It’s fun, and I can testify to that as a former intern myself.

PPS — Yes, that cake was as good as it looked.




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    Congratulations Dan!

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