The 6 Worst Companies EVER

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Posted July 29, 2014 by Danielli Marzouca

BREAKING NEWS: The voting restriction has been lifted!

Mmk, so you still have to wait till you’re 18 to vote for the prez, but every single day, you’re casting votes that shape the world!

Vote with your dollar

Our society is based on a capitalist economy, which means that if there’s a demand, someone will supply that demand (barring the environmental crisis). Every time you buy that soy latte, that coffee shop will buy more soy milk and less cow’s milk.

soy milk happy

That’s what being vegan is all about! Voting with your dollar means voting for or against a cruelty-free world any time you’ve got a dollar! La-di-da.votes, dollar

On the flippity-flop, you should BOYCOTT evil companies that profit off cruelty to animals until they change their nasty ways. We’ve got some fugly companies in mind …

Ringling Bros.

When it comes to abusing animals, Ringling is thee absolute WORST circus in town.

Ringling Bros elephant abuse gif

What elephants at Ringling have to look forward to for their entire miserable lives:

circus, ringling

No elephant is a yogi.

Think you could live without these guys?

sunder elephant
and dog christmas family

We’re not the only ones flipping our sh*t about this. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) slapped Ringling with the largest penalty in circus history—$270,000—for cruelty to animals!

Friends protesting Ringling Bros.

Are you with the animals or against them? Boycott any circus that uses animals for entertainment. There are some mind-blowing animal-free circuses around that employ hoomans who actually enjoy standing on their heads. 🙂


Would you rather float in a dank-ass bathtub for your entire life or go on a lifelong family adventure around the world, probably Finding Dory before the rest of us ever do?

boycott seaworld bathtub teen girl

If you’ve seen Blackfish, then you know that Tilikum has had enough of his prison. Orcas are extremely intelligent, which compounds the horror of their situation because they know what’s happening to them.

orca whale split image© Gun

Aside from being kidnapped from the wild as babies and never seeing their families again—or being bred in captivity and never getting to swim free in the ocean—orcas at SeaWorld are forced to perform tricks. SeaWorld’s tools of torture don’t include the bullhook, though. Whew, for these sonar communicators, just the torture of screaming crowds, fireworks, and loud noises will do.

lolita orca capture seaworld© Dr. Terry Newby

Wild orcas are not violent toward humans (or pups).

SeaWorld orca head bang gif

The captive orca Tilikum alone has killed three people. Why? In the wild, orcas swim up to 100 miles a day. Captive orcas would have to swim around their concrete “oasis” 1,900 times in one day to swim that same distance. How about no?


Every order of McNuggets is served up with a heap of cruelty that includes broken wings and severely mishandled and bruised chickens. What did chickens do to deserve this?18. chicken gif 1


McDonald’s chicken suppliers currently use archaic slaughter methods—birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside down before having their throats slit, often while they’re still conscious.

peta kfc

The suffering doesn’t end there. Some birds are still alive and sensitive to pain when they’re dropped into the scalding-hot water of the defeathering tanks. This fast-paced slaughter process often results in broken wings, extreme bruising, and even defecation. I would more than shit my pants if that happened to me. What would you do?

street teamer giving mccruelty the bird

Death is one thing, but McDonald’s chooses to allow its suppliers to slaughter these gentle birds using cruel methods when less cruel options exist.

McDonald’s suppliers in Europe are already choosing the lesser evil. This method allows chickens to stay in their crates while the oxygen is removed from their environment and is slowly replaced with a nonpoisonous gas that puts the birdies to sleep.


As one of the largest buyers of chicken meat, McDonald’s has the ability to make the slaughter process a way less traumatic for birds. Until McDonald’s stops selling McCruelty, I will not go near that crazy clown.


You never want your makeup to be shady. PETA and Revlon had a pretty nasty breakup. After more than 20 years in a happy, cruelty-free romance, PETA discovered in 2012 that Revlon was selling its products in China, where cruel and archaic tests on animals are required for all imported cosmetics.
Rabbit Make Up Testing Post peta2

Revlon calls itself a cruelty-free company, but it has misled consumers and betrayed our trust by continuing to market and sell its products in China, where cosmetic companies are required to pay for their products to be tested on animals.

Don’t let Revlon cheapen your values. Vote no with that dollar, and vote yes for cruelty-free brands!

Air France

When you’re six miles in the air, you’d like to imagine that everyone on board is either flying home or going on vacation. But if you’re flying Air France, some of your fellow passengers may be prisoners—captured for use in cruel experiments.

Unlike every other major airline in the world, Air France treats primates like cargo, shipping them to labs to be caged, cut into, poisoned and killed in experiments.

8. monkeys shipped air france

Air France passengers may not know that just below their feet may be crates full of monkeys who were kidnapped from the wild and put on a one-way flight to be tortured and killed—but you know.

Boycott Air France, and let the airline know that it won’t be pocketing your dollar until it joins every other major airline and refuses to take part in this cruelty.


Maybe we should start calling it PetSmelly for reeking of cruelty to animals. PetSmart buys thousands of small animals—including hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds, and reptiles—every year and sells them for pocket change. The real money rolls in when impulse buyers need supplies for their adorable new orphaned animals. That’s the roses you’re smelling.

Here comes the bullsh*t: Many of those cute animals die slow deaths in the back rooms of the company’s stores. A PETA undercover investigation revealed that more than 100 small animals were deprived of adequate veterinary care and slowly dying behind closed doorsout of customers’ sight.


Boycott PetSmart and tell the company why you oppose its business practices. In the meantime, buy your animal companions’ goodies elsewhere.

Congrats on harnessing your power to vote! You own it, and you can change this crazy world! No regrets.


For more ways to help animals, download the peta2 iPhone app!



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  • Profile photo of adri4animalrights

    843 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I’m just a kid and I know that this is not okay! Poor Tilikum , its not his fault he killed people, that wouldn’t have happened if he was with his pod in the ocean! When I was six my family went on a trip to SeaWorld Orlando to see the Believe show and I just sat there wanting to leave. Back then they picked a kid to feed Tilikum a piece of fish an pet his rostrum. They randomly picked me to feed and pet him and when they told me to say hi to everyone I screamed “FREE TILLY!!!” and ran off. That just goes to show you the common sense of the director of SeaWorld, a lot less than a six year old!

    • Profile photo of okamithevegetarian

      696 days ago

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


      that’s what i would of said, FREE TILLY!!

  • Profile photo of pkilove

    850 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Who gave these people the right to decide these poor creatures fate!?? How can they keep them in captivity or just slaughter them without feeling anything? Soooo proud to be a vegan… n my revlon lipstick is going to the dumpster…

  • Profile photo of morgansings17

    852 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I would just like to say I am active street team member. But I work at Petsmart as a petcare associate. We just paid about 400 dollars for a Guinea pig who was sold and got sick from it’s new home. We have a special connection to local vets besides just banfield to help any of our animals from snakes to fish and we put then in a special isolation room that is always hospital clean and treated as a hospital. We love and care every pet this isn’t the only petsmart I have worked at either. Now PETCO IS SHIT. PETCO EUTHANIZES ANIMALS THAT GET SICK. PETCO IS GARBAGE AND THEY DONT EVEN TRAIN THEIR SALON or PETCARE PEOPLE. Please understand that it’s easy to confuse with close names but Petsmart is a truly loving and wonderful store. never trust PETCO.

  • 858 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    no amount of money in the world could ever make me wanna eat macdonalds,havnt done so for many years and will continue to not so,would point blank refuse to see any circus involving animals,dont agree with zoo’s/theme parks withs animals….period….and im an avid believer of completely avoiding any product that has been tested on on any beautiful animal,no need for it there it too many alternatives now to use any of their dirty products

  • Profile photo of empoweredvegetarian22

    862 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I haven’t gone to mcdonalds for a year and I feel so good about it! When I went to the circus once ( not my choice) I actually cried my eyes out when I saw the animals. They had no joy in their eyes and they had tears, yes real tears! Same when I went to Seaworld ( I was 4) and I felt they didn’t want to be here! And there is no way I am using Revlon or flying air France, EVER!!!!

    • 860 days ago

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


      empoweredvegetarian22– I loved your comment. I think most of us grew up under this idea that going to places like the circus and sea world further showed our love for animals, when it could be further from the truth. I honestly think my parents didn’t know better and they simply wanted to make their children happy. With all of this knowledge now, I know how I will raise my children and teach them that their innate love for animals should be something that is celebrated in the right way.

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