Kill Hannah Fakes on Fur

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Forget sugar and spice and everything nice; Kill Hannah is made from black eyeliner, good hair, and skinny jeans. But don’t get us wrong. Kill Hannah doesn’t just look the part of dark glam rockers—they also have the talent to back it up. So take that, haters!

Not only does Kill Hannah bring to the stage enough melodic rock electronica to satisfy even that guy from school who works at Hot Topic, we recently got to talk to KH’s Dan Wiese (guitar/vox) and found out that the only fur he likes is the kind found on his two cats, Murman and Megaman. Read the interview below, and maybe you’ll get inspired to be fur-free yourself!

What do you think about fur?
I would never wear fur, and I don’t think I know anyone that would. Fur is just horrible.

Lots of people don’t realize it, but a lot of fur that comes from China is made from cats and dogs. Do you think that people would view fur differently if they knew that the fur came from a cat or a dog?
I think they definitely would. I think people would be outraged, but people just don’t know about it.

Could you tell me a little bit about your two cats?  
My cats are named Murman and Megaman. Murman I have had for a few years, and Megaman is just a 1-year-old—just a baby. I don’t know where those names came from. I kinda just change them all the time.

Why do you think it’s important to support animal organizations?
Most people aren’t doing anything to help out. It is good that there are organizations like yours to get information out. And people should support them. Like with the Chicago ban on foie gras, animal organizations got the word out on stuff like that. People don’t know about this stuff, and if they don’t know, [animal abusers] can get away with just about anything. It is pretty gross.


After hearing from Dan, are you feeling like you want to throw your mom’s old fur coat out the window? Before you do that, click on the button below to take the fur-free pledge yourself.



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