Leafleting Tips From A Street Team All-Star

street teamer leafletingpeta2 Youth Advisory Board member John happens to be one amazing activist for animals.

Not only does he leaflet every friggin’ day and help peta2 with feedback on possible missions and campaigns, he’s even started his own activist group with his friends! Sorry, allow us to take a step back from all that awesome for a second and catch our breath …

Around all his activism, John has been so kind as to share with us some of his advice for leafleting. Check out his tips below!

1. If you’re shy, force yourself to do it!
I used to be very shy and dreaded leafleting, but I found that if I forced myself to act exaggeratedly outgoing, the response from people was much better. After a while, it became natural, and I don’t even think about it anymore!

2. Keep it simple.
You don’t have to say anything complicated when leafleting. You could simply say, “Info to help animals?” or just “Info?” I usually say, “Info to help animals?” because most people love animals and want to help!

activist leafleting as a carrot3. Make eye contact and smile.
As someone is walking toward you while you’re leafleting, I find it helpful to make eye contact with the person and smile. This helps form a connection with the person, and it is harder for them to refuse the leaflet after you have displayed kindness to them. Once, I was leafleting in Chicago, and I smiled at a man and gave him a leaflet. We then proceeded to have a very good conversation about wonderful vegan food and how to stop cruelty to animals. He even took a stack of leaflets to hand out to his friends!

4. Relate to people.
If someone says something to you like, “I love meat; I could never give it up,” instead of responding with, “You are awful! Animals are murdered for you!” you could say, “I thought the same thing, but then I found out that there are so many delicious cruelty-free versions of all the foods I love!”

Many people view vegans and vegetarians as weird and extreme, so by relating to them and making yourself seem more like them, they view veganism as a more reachable goal.

5. Always be nice to people.
If someone makes a rude comment, never be rude back. Remember: At one point, you probably ate meat, dairy products, and eggs without giving it a second thought. Consider that when you ate those things, you wouldn’t have wanted someone to be rude to you.

We don’t want people thinking that all vegans are angry people because that probably won’t make them want to go vegan.  Also, keep in mind that when people make rude comments, it’s often because they feel uncomfortable with what they are doing. Oftentimes, people who make these remarks are the closest to changing!

street teamer leafleting

These are super useful. Thanks, John! After reading all these awesome tips, we suddenly have the urge to get out and speak up for animals—how ’bout you?

All you have to do is e-mail us at [email protected] for materials, and we can send some to you for FREE. So get on it! 🙂