Pinback's Not Holding Back

Posted by  peta2 staff

Listening to Pinback always makes us wanna move our bodies, but now it makes us wanna dance straight to the vet. We caught up with Pinback at a west-coast punk-rock golf tournament, where Rob used his 9-iron to drive home the point that terrible pain can be prevented with a simple surgical procedure.

PinbackAlthough many people are reluctant to sterilize their animal companions, the fact is that spaying or neutering is the easiest and most effective way to ensure animals’ happiness and safety. Consider the fate of the millions of unwanted animals whose parents were never spayed and neutered.

Or we’ll consider it for you: Born into a hostile world, they are caged among strangers at animal shelters or, worse, abandoned on the sides of roads. They are run over by cars and attacked by other animals. They are infected with painful, contagious, and deadly diseases. Those unlucky enough to run into cruel humans are often drowned, beaten with baseball bats, suffocated in plastic bags, stabbed, shot, starved, set on fire, fed to pit bulls, and tortured in countless other ways. And the biggest tragedy of all is that before they meet some gruesome death, they reproduce, and the cycle of animal suffering continues.

Sick of all the suffering? Now that Pinback’s got the ball rolling, do something about it by teaming up with the peta2 Street Team. We’ll give you all the goods you need to get going and even credit you with Street Team points that you can redeem for free animal rights gear! Stop puttin’ around already, sign up!




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