Sing It Loud

Posted by  peta2 staff

Sing It Loud doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. They may not be the most hardcore band on iconic punk label Epitaph‘s roster, but their brand of carefree and heartfelt pop punk will leave even the biggest haters bobbing along! After they were signed by Brett Gurewitz and took up a life of nonstop touring, Sing It Loud was ready to take on whatever came their way, whether it was sold-out arenas or dissection in schools.

Every kid goes to camp for at least one summer, right? Well, think of the Warped Tour as a summer camp for punk rock bands. Bands ranging from Fall Out Boy to AFI have paid their dues on the summer-long tour, which can be as grueling as it is amazing. Sing It Loud had their go at the tour this summer, and they got to see our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign live and in person! After learning that keyboardist Ben Peterson led a campaign against dissection at his high school, we knew that Sing It Loud would be a perfect fit for peta2. Check out what Ben, Kieren, Chris, Pat, and Nate have to say in their debut peta2 interview!

If you haven’t signed our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” petition and pledged to be cruelty-free, get on it! And if you really want to make a difference in the lives of animals, take a step toward going vegan (and saving the lives of 100 animals every year) by taking the Pledge to Be Veg!



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