Thrashing Across the World With Soilwork

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soilwork-dirk-by-hannah-verbeurenHannah Verbeuren

Thrashing their way all around the world since the late 90s, Swedish death-metal rockers Soilwork (translation: working from the ground up) know what it’s like to break through boundaries and power toward success.

I mean, these guys have been around for awhile, so you know that they’ve got to be doing something right!

Dirk Verbeuren, the band’s drummer, also knows what it’s like to break through boundaries—boundaries of “conventional” eating and stereotypes. See, Dirk is a vegetarian who has lots of love for all animals.

He has been compassionate from an early age and tells us:


Every living creature has the right to be treated ethically.


Check out our video to get Dirk’s story:

Did you know vegetarians save more than 100 animals per year? If you love animals as much as Dirk does, then you know that the easiest way to help animals is to stop eating them!

A plant-based diet also reduces climate change and world hunger. And you’ll be healthier, too! It’s basically a win for everyone. Are you up for the challenge?

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