Strike Anywhere's Vegan Vocalist

Posted by  peta2 staff

If you like hardcore with heart, passion, and meaning, look no further than Strike Anywhere. This animal-friendly bunch got their start in 1999 and haven’t slowed down—with four studio albums, multiple benefit compilation appearances, and nonstop touring all over the world on their résumé. Their latest release on Bridge 9 RecordsIron Front, is their most gripping release yet, with catchy melodies and fist-pumping sing-alongs that sound like they could be the soundtrack to a revolution.

With serious lyrics ranging from topics such as police brutality and globalism to human and animal rights, Strike Anywhere continues to be a breath of fresh air, positivity, and grassroots activism in the punk and hardcore scene. Vocalist Thomas Barnett refers to the band as “regular jobs-between-tours-having, acoustic guitar porch-sittin’, carpenters, motorcycle mechanics, baristas, animal lovin’, good times havin’ fellows, who love a good protest march,” and I couldn’t have summed it up any better. We were lucky enough to have Thomas stop by our headquarters recently to talk about the band’s thoughts on activism, veganism, his furry companions at home, and our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign.

For now, I’ll let Thomas do the talking …

After seeing that, I challenge you to listen to Iron Front and tell me that you’re not ready to make positive changes in the world—it’s simply not possible! If you want to get active like Strike Anywhere, check out our Street Team to meet others who are ready to get active for animals, and check out the band’s MySpace page to keep an eye on when the Bridge 9 Tour, starring Strike Anywhere, is coming to a city near you. But not so fast … if you really want to make a difference, consider following Thomas’ lead by going vegan. A vegan diet saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year, not to mention that it’s better for your health and the environment too!



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