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The Summer Set is gaining legendary status throughout the pop-punk world. The band members have been crazy busy—they’re constantly on tour and doing tons of crazy fun stuff, such as Alternative Press cover shoots and fun collabs with our besties at Glamour Kills.

Propelling their legendary status even further, the members of The Summer Set are also starring in their first peta2 ad! You know the guys (and gal!) have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, and now it shows—forever!


Help save a life by always reporting cruelty or abuse.

It’s a simple yet strong message that The Summer Set is sending.

Did you know that if dogs are left in a hot car, they can suffer heatstroke or even die? Even on a mild 73ºF day, the temperature inside a car can reach 120ºF in 30 minutes.

If you see a dog left outdoors on a chain, a lost or stray animal on the street, a dog locked in a hot car, or any other forms of cruelty to animals or neglect, SPEAK UP! It’s one thing to love animals—it’s another to prove it. If you EVER see any abusive behavior involving your furry friends, take action!

Looking for more ways to help animals? Download the peta2 Facebook app and start helping animals with the tap of your fingers!

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    424 days ago

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    Love these guys!!

  • Profile photo of vaaleriediiana

    872 days ago

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    Ah, saw them last year! This just totally made me like them even more! <3 ^.^

  • Profile photo of fionchichi

    892 days ago

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    yay, I love The Summer Set even more now!

  • Profile photo of MeganSky99

    1092 days ago

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    AH I LOVE THE SUMMER SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!