The Donnas Have a Message for You

Posted by  peta2 staff

The Donnas say that as a band, they went five years with no fans and no friends. Their advice for people who want to start a band is to find people who are compatible with you and who will stick with you through anything. Also, don’t listen to what anyone says about your taste in music, your talent, or your “look.” Staying true to their sound and holding onto their independence through five different record labels has paid off, and they did what is just about the hardest thing in the music industry to do—they made it as an all-girl band.

The Donnas

The Donnas are having so much fun that you can’t help but love their music and their live show. They are all still best friends, playing their music and finally getting the respect and attention that they deserve. Now The Donnas want you to pay attention to their message about animal abuse.

peta2 first met The Donnas at Lollapalooza. They liked our “I Am Not a Nugget” T-shirts. We asked them to do a radio public service announcement to tell their fans that everyone needs to take responsibility, be compassionate, and report animal abuse, and they said, “Of course.” Just another reason to take notice—these girls do it all.

Click here to listen to the radio PSA, which is being distributed to radio stations across the country. If you work for a radio station of any type or size and can get this PSA played on your station, click here to order a copy.



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