Thursday's Tucker Rule

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What isn’t there to like about Thursday? These New Jersey post-hardcore veterans have been churning out albums since 1999, and Common Existence is audio proof that they’re not going anywhere! I’d like to think of Common Existence as a Full Collapse part two, which can only mean one thing . it’s an incredible album that you need in your life!

So how did peta2 hook up with the band? Believe it or not, our friends in Thursday have been speaking up for animals for years. Guitarist Tom Keeley and bassist Tim Payne once posed in an ad with their four-legged friends, Kiko and Dexter, to remind everyone that animals are a lifetime commitment, and singer Geoff Rickly is a longtime vegetarian who has spoken out against KFC. Leaving no member of Thursday behind, we caught up with drummer Tucker Rule to pick his brain about vegetarianism, products tested on animals, and what you can do to help.

Here’s Tucker in his own words …

Between their music, which makes me feel every emotion possible, and their animal-friendly band members, I can’t help but love Thursday. Thinking about following Tucker’s lead and ditching the meat forever? Going vegetarian saves the lives of 100 animals a year, and it’s also better for you and the environment. So what are you waiting for? Take the Pledge to Be Veg!



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