TLC's Chilli Fights Circus Cruelty

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Chilli, of the multiplatinum, Grammy Award–winning trifecta TLC, is no stranger to the spotlight. Her achievements have helped crown TLC as R&B royalty, and she has performed all over the world for millions of fans. As someone who was born to shine, Chilli knows that she has the choice to perform as an entertainer—animals do not.

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It may be all glitz and glamour on the outside, but under the big top, circuses like Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are prisons for the animals forced to perform in them. For sophisticated, intelligent animals like elephants, tigers, lions, and others, life in captivity is a gruesome departure from their natural environments where animals are allowed to interact with their families, forage for food, roam for miles, and live free.

In circuses, baby elephants are stolen from their mothers, tied up, and even electrocuted in order to force them to perform. Tigers are subjected to living amid their own filth and are fed in unsanitary conditions that would never occur in the wild. Confined for hours on end to small traveling boxcars in extreme heat and freezing cold weather, tigers and other big cats can become ill, despondent, and increasingly agitated, which is a danger not only to other animals but also to circus workers and attendees.

Let Ringling Bros. know that a circus is no place for an animal. Humans choose to perform—animals do not. Join Chilli and boycott circuses that use animals!




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    After watching Dumbo when I was little I wondered if it held truth in the treatment. I did some research when I got older and boycotted circuses rather quickly.