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The boys of Brighton, England, metal band Architects aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers.

Emerging from the scene that spawned fellow heavy hitters Bring Me The Horizon, Architects has toured the world, captivating thousands with live shows drenched in energy and raw emotion.

Unapologetic and ambitious, the band has a future that looks full of promise and is theirs for the taking.

After starring in one of peta2’s most provoking ads to date—2012’s “Liberate Yourself—Go Vegan”—Architects returns with a new message about freeing yourself from the meat and dairy industries.


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While recording their fifth studio album, Daybreaker, the foursome found inspiration in award-winning documentaries Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives to change their diets, save their health, and save hundreds of animals in the process.

The health benefits of eating a meat-free diet are undeniable. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and obesity are all associated with eating meat, and your risk of these health problems can be reduced or virtually eliminated by cutting meat and dairy products from your diet. Drummer Dan Searle tells peta2, “Make your permanent diet healthy and good for you, and be healthy for your entire life.”

 There’s so many amazing alternatives that are just as delicious, that are completely cruelty- and suffering-free.

Liberate yourself, improve your health, and save the lives of hundreds of animals. Join Architects and go vegan!

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Fill out the form below and pledge to try vegan and start saving over a 100 animals a year.






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    I really love this band ! didn’t khow they are vegan !!

  • Profile photo of empoweredvegetarian22

    947 days ago

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    I love this band soooooooo much! They may be metal but it soothes me for some reason…