DIY Animal Rights Posters

Check out all the details below and then click "Get Points" to submit a form for points!

As a peta2 Street Teamer, you already know that there are tons of ways that you can speak up for animals at school. From getting a veggie burger added in your cafeteria to stopping your science class from chopping up dead animals to decorating your locker with peta2 swag—the possibilities are pretty much endless.

So, if you’re looking for another fun, creative way to help animals at school, plus a way to earn mega Street Team points (2,000 of ’em!) at the same time, look no further than making your very own DIY animal rights poster!

DIY animal rights posterDIY animal rights poster

Here’s how to get started:

  • Pick a campaign, grab some markers and poster board, and get creative! See above for some examples.
  • Get permission from your school and then hang ’em up all over the place!
  • Snap a pic of the poster that you make and submit it for points.
  • Ca$h in your points for FREE peta2 swag, like a limited-edition “Animal Liberation” wristband!


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