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Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky  Favorite Bands: Against Me!, Man Man, The Black Keys, The Silent Comedy, Johnny Cash, Yelawolf, Regina Spektor, Green Day, Social Distortion, They Might Be Giants, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, The Dresden Dolls, Flight of the Conchords, alt-J, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bob Marley, Dirty Heads, Die Antwoord, Dr. Dog, Fruit Bats, The Hush Sound, The Killers, MC Lars, mc chris, Murder by Death, Pigeon John, Why?, and about a million others! About Me: I come from a small family in rural Kentucky but now live in Los Angeles with Tinker, my adopted animal companion. I once flew a plane solo. I dig going to shows and finding new bands to listen to. I'm also a huge fan of random road trips, and I love going on adventures with Tinker! I Love: Animals, roller derby, the ocean, cooking, bubble wrap, documentaries, and coupons. I Dislike: Snow, traffic, people who are mean to animals, and most reality TV. Animal Rights Tattoos: I have "Animal Liberation, Human Liberation" on the back of my arm. Favorite Vegan Food/Restaurant: When it comes to vegan food, I'm an equal opportunist! I'm a huge fan of Veggie Grill and Café Gratitude (nom nom!), but I always love discovering new places to grub and recipes. The spicier, the better! Why I Went Vegan: I was raised in a vegetarian home and taught from an early age that all earthlings deserve respect. After joining the Street Team at peta2, I learned about the horrors of the dairy industry, and from that point on, I knew I had to do something to help. I quickly switched to a vegan diet and spread the word far and wide!  

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